LCC Environmental Science Center & Nature Trail Pics

I’ve posted on how great the Laredo Community College Environmental Science Center Exhibit is before-

It’s not a formal zoo, of course, but it’s better than visiting Petland or Petco to look at animals.  And there is a great nature trail there, The Paso del Indio Trail.  The trail portion is closed for the summer because of the heat, but it will re-open after the season.  Pictures speak a lot louder than words- so here are several…..(The little boy in the orange by the turtles is a hilarious and spunky little boy named John Paul, 3, who we met today!)

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    • Thanks, little sister! I wish you were here! It is a nice little place! I think my favorite zoo is the small Reston Petting Zoo- the animals at least get to roam free on those acres and it’s so funny to see zebra, antelope, watusi, camels, ostrich, deer, bison, and other animals all stampeding to the feeding trough together across the fields. And it’s so fun to feed them on the safari- Of all the big zoos we have been to, that little petting zoo is my favorite.

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  2. To tom miller IN the July/August issue of Wildlife In North Carolina on page 10 there is a very interesting article on breeding mussels at the conservation aquaculture center at the Marion state fish hatchery,NC. Thought you might be interested good reading only six pages. good birding, cliff

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