By Far, The Best Fortune Cookie Ever

My baby sister seemed super excited to send us a package. When it arrived, I was worried. It was clearly a food item. The freezer pack inside was pure liquid and hot to the touch. There were two Chinese take-out boxes inside containing cute, iced fortune cookies.

When my sis excitedly called to make sure we received the package, I told her that the icing had melted a bit, so I stuck the cookies in the fridge.

“Okay.” she said.

24 hours later, we took out a couple to snack.

Here’s what the slip of paper inside the fortune cookie said….

And, here’s what the other one said…

Is that not the absolute coolest idea? A delectable request, by the way.

My collected sister must have wanted to burst out over the phone to forget about the icing and open the cookies, already!  But, she didn’t.  What a cool lady.  Must be in the genes.  🙂

And, the answer is most absolutely and resolutely, without hesitation or reservation,    with full hearts and thankful stomaches: YES!!!!

6 Responses to By Far, The Best Fortune Cookie Ever

    • I wish I had a pic of the butter cookie shaped like a wedding dress my other sis sent for her wedding request. In icing, the words “Matron of Honor” were repeatedly written in calligraphy on the skirt of the dress. I couldn’t bring myself to eat it, it was so pretty. I’m the only one who eloped. No one got jack from me. hahaha!

  1. I am SO happy you liked the fortune cookies, sis! I should have thought a little more about the chocolate and 110 degrees in Laredo, but it looks like you saved them just in time from being ruined! I can’t wait to have you and my little niecey walk down the aisle on Chris and my big day! I wouldn’t have it any other way! Jenny (your favorite little sister :))

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