Autumn Crafts & Treats Rock!

Well, Autumn is here and we are loving it!  I usually run “The Craftless Series” on my blog, but I must admit that a lot of practice has given me a real confidence boost.  Here are some of the crafts that the kids and I have had a lot of fun doing together.  We’re having such fun that we even have a standing craft weekly play date with a friend and her kids now!   Love the autumn colors, the cooler weather, the delicious flavors and beautiful images we can play with this season.

Getting Started

We keep some supplies on our kitchen table with some paper all the time for the kids to just dabble with when they feel like it.  We re-use glass jars and use one of those drink-carriers from a fast food drive-through (I KNOW!  Bad Mom!  haha!)  But, they come in super handy. When this one breaks, I’ll probably go order two diet cokes on the way to gymnastics just to get another one.  🙂

Stencil Painting

This is not really season-specific but I found these scrapbooking stencils I must have purchased about 6 years ago (before kids) when I actually scrapbooked.  Don’t tell me they are expensive. I don’t remember what they cost.  They are our newest painting stencils.

A Spooky Ghost

My creative friend invited us over to make these one day.  Styrofoam balls, mini christmas bulbs for eyes, some string and some cloth made cool ghosts to hang from the tree in our front yard!

Just cut the cloth lengthwise so that it can drape over the head, cinch some string around the head poke the eyeballs into the styrofoam through the cloth (may need to use a needle to prep) and suspend the ghost using the string!

Autumn Tree Art

Our real goal was to make an Autumn Bucket List Tree like the one in the Dinosaurs And Octopuses Blog, but I bought chenille pipe cleaners that didn’t offer enough support.  We improvised and decorated tagboard with trees and made patterns with the pretty foam leaf stickers we bought at Hobby Lobby 40% off!  The construction paper is blue because I ran out of white and the blue paper was 90% off.  🙂  Oh, well.  I think it’s pretty.  BTW, Dad made that one.  Pretty good, I think!

Chocolate Meringue Cookies

One thing we love is a light, airy cookie that melts in your mouth.  We found this recipe for chocolate meringue cookies on and loved it.  We didn’t have any chocolate chips on hand, but we did have one of those small cylinders of mini-M&Ms that fell out of a piñata that night.  I added 1/2 tsp of cinnamon to give them a Fall flavor.  My family loved them!

 Swirl Crayons (“Upcycled”)

This craft is not season-specific, although, it could be if we used only autumnal colors.  I found this genius idea on the very helpful Hands On: As We Grow Blog!  To see how to make them, check out her site here.

My kids were so excited about this!!!  My daughter thinks they look like bottle caps.  I never know what to do with all the itty bitty crayon pieces and I’ll admit that I’ve thrown them away or piled them into “give-away” bins.  Now, I’m hoping more get broken so we can make more of these cool bottle cap swirl crayons!

Apple-Stamped Pumpkins

We made these on a play date with our friends!  Totally got the idea from The NurtureStore’s Fall Play Planner!  You just poke forks into apple halves and stamp away!  To see the step-by-step, check out NurtureStore’s site here.

Stir Crazy Crunch

For Family Movie Night (Hello, Family Movie Night on the HUB channel every Saturday night- Tonight was the Muppet Treasure Island movie!),  we made a ridiculous amount of pop corn in our maker.  Our kids get a kick out of watching pop corn pop.  Funny, I remember loving that, too.  I found this recipe for “Stir Crazy Crunch” and it is delicious-  We used almonds instead of peanuts, though.

Well, that’s our crafty week in a nutshell!

We’re totally making these Frosty Leaf Ghosts from the Disney Family website this week at our craft play date!  Super simple and I think they’d be adorable on a streamer!

And we want to make these Snakes in Jelly from The Imagination Tree before Halloween!

Happy Crafting!  Hope It’s Good!  But, If It’s Not.  That’s Okay.  🙂

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  1. Just wanted to drop in to say how much I love reading your blog! I think I found it thru Angie’s recommendation. I voted for you and now I stick around! I have printed more recipes! And I love the up cycled crayons!! Thanks for all of the ideas! My little one just turned 5 ~ it’s amazing how time flies, so I like the ideas for crafts we can do together! (I still scrapbook, btw, just can’t believe how little I get to do it anymore). Happy Sunday!!

    • Thank you so much, Tyuana! That is such a nice compliment! I can’t take credit for the idea of the upcycled crayons, but I saw them on a fellow blogger’s site and couldn’t NOT try it! Please send in pics to the FB page or the email account if you do them! 🙂 I have NO idea how you find time to even do a little scrapbooking! haha! I think blogging is MUCH easier. 🙂

  2. I finally found your blog! You left a comment on mine, quite awhile back, I believe. When I clicked on your profile I could find the blogs you follow, but not your blog. Surely you are the only Critters And Crayons. I do have the right person, right? I just stumbled onto your blog because someone I follow on Facebook mentioned you. And so I googled. And here I am. I’m not sure why I didn’t do that before.. but anyways.. I’m so glad I found you. Now I have some new and awesome reading to do.

    • Oh! You might have been searching my blog during the migration period- that was a bit tenuous- moving from to 🙂 Well, I am quite honored you were looking for my little blog because I became obsessed with yours after that amazing Fall Bucket List Tree! So many moms in my play group have pinned your tree in pinterest! haha! I haven’t made it yet because I bought the wrong support structure (chenille pipecleaners do NOT work)! Thanks so much for finding my blog and I’ll keep following yours! 🙂

  3. I also meant to write thank you so much for linking back to my blog! I think I was a little overly excited to have found your blog and my brain wasn’t working right. I had my eye on your Super Mom post. Haha! I love your tagboard trees. I’m in love with those stickers. Our support was just a good limb I *finally* found in our yard. We live in the middle of some woods, and I swear R and I walked around for an hour trying to find something suitable. Something branchy but not too branchy. Lol. And I also have to say that I absolutely adore your ghost craft. My son would too. He’s been carrying around a ghost magnet that we made from salt dough. They read books together. They dance to Halloween music together. That would be so much cooler though! I’m so excited that you like my blog. It’s always a surprise to me that anyone else might want to read it. I worry that I’m too wordy. Rofl. As obvious by this comment. I’m your newest follower!

    • Joyce- You are welcome! Your blog is wonderful! I wish I had more time to leave comments and visit more blogs- I know what I put into mine and how meaningful any comment is- and I want to spread that to others, too! So many cool ones out there to explore- We’re going tomorrow to buy more stickers. My daughter had a few left and has been using them to trace leaves onto paper for trees she’s drawing. Seriously, how brilliant is that? I would have never thought to do that! So cute about your son and his pet ghost magnet! haha! Kids. They are so funny- No worries on wordiness. I’m a pedantic verbose sesquipedilian. 🙂 haha!

    • Bern, Thank you so much- Those apple-stamp pumpkins were a NurtureStore idea! So awesome! I’ll be sure to link to the showcase- I’m honored you asked! I’m new to this linky thing but I think it is so cool!

    • I’m really not, Bridget- But, I’m feeling a little more confident about it after trying it these months- I’m hereby removing my “Craftless” moniker. I’m now “kinda crafty” haha! It is fun to do with the kids- although, my 2 year old boy is def more interested in his cars and super heroes right now! Thanks for checking in-

  4. Drink trays to sort pencil jars – that’s ingenious! You don’t have to “buy” extra soda just to get them, take my mother for the day. She’s the typical old lady that grabs a years supply of free condiments, plastic spoons, napkins, you-name-it. It’s embarrassing, really…

  5. Great fall crafts! I love the sparkly trees and I know Jane will love the apple pumpkin stamping. We’re all under the weather so need some new ideas for at home fun. We’ll try some of these!

    • I hope you feel better soon! These were so easy and inexpensive! I love the crafts you have going on over on your blog!

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