The Devine Acres Farm Pumpkin Patch. Loved It!

Today, we went to  Devine Acres Farm to see the Pumpkin Patch and it was well worth the trip from Laredo!

We paid $32 for our family of four.  I don’t feel like it was expensive considering the number of unlimited activities available to the family.  We’ve been to other pumpkin patches that were cheaper to enter but that charged obscene amounts for kids to do activities.  At one, the cost was a dollar for a kid to go down a slide or to pet an animal.  Seriously.  That is not cool.

At Devine Acres Farm, the kids have free reign to enjoy all kinds of activities as often as they want to:  hay rides, tractor-pulled train rides, a gorgeous old-fashioned play ground, catch & release fishing, marshmallow roasting, jumping balls, hay mazes, tricycle riding, pumpkin painting, rubber duckie water games, face painting and more!

Devine Acres Farm actually hosts three types of Christmas trees for sale and your hayride takes you through acres and acres of gorgeous specimens that they will process for you to take home for Christmas!  The rustic setting against the pumpkins and trees, hay and towering, lush green leaf canopies offer some of the most beautiful family photo opportunities.

Speaking of Christmas, they are doing a fantastic Pancakes With Santa event in December!  Reservations are fillng up fast!  To learn more and reserve your spot, click here.

I highly recommend this place.  We are definitely heading back before it closes for the season!  Oh!  And, if you want to hit a great steakhouse on your way back to Laredo, check out Triple C Steakhouse !  My husband got the 14 oz “Top Butt” (that is what it is called, I promise) and I had the salad bar.  We topped it all off with homemade pie slices.

Loved it.

Beautiful Family Day.

And here are some photos from today!





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  1. Thirty-two bucks for an entire day is not bad at all. I would’ve gladly paid that for the ride through the Christmas trees alone. Apple orchards out here charge $5 for parking, $10 for a bag, $2 for a pole and you have to do the work. If we were in your neck of the woods, we would so be there.

    Gorgeous pics, by the way.

    • Thanks, Nami- It is more expensive in other places, for sure! It was a nice experience- Going to apple orchards sounds like a fantastic family activity, too!!!

    • Nami- For some reason, I can’t comment on any blogspot blogs….it’s driving me nuts! I loved your sons birthday at the Natural History museum. I’m usually the dork wanting to go into the museum gift shop! haha! I’ve gotta figure out how to leave comments- do you have a blog fb fan page? It’s the oddest thing- blogspot keeps telling me I don’t have access with my gmail account, even to public blogs!

    • I wouldn’t have even thought Alaska wouldn’t have one- These aren’t grown here, they are trucked in and laid out. That’s a bummer for you guys!

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