Some Brilliant Mom Solutions!

One thing is certain, there are a lot of smart mommies.

I meet people every day who have come up with some ingenious ideas.

When I see something awesome, I take notes and try to get photos.  Here are some of my favorite mom solutions that I’ve encountered in the last few months:

Home Decor Money-Saving Solution:  

Rustic Tree Branch Candle Holders

Are those not gorgeous????!!!!  They remind me of something you’d find in a West Elm catalog!  My friend’s dad cut a couple of birch branches to make the lighter colored candle holders.  See how he carved out a spot for a tea lite in the tall one?  The darker colored ones were cut by a landscaper clearing out branches at her request.

 She has about 20 of them that she plans to display at Christmas time with pillar candles!  A handy note she passed:  Cut a piece of aluminum the circumference of the candle to place underneath so that wax rings aren’t left on the wood. This way you can change out the size of the candles you use!

Time and Task Organization Solution:  

Family Command Center

 I love a nice command center!  This mom-friend is a working mom with five kids!  She built this wall to keep daily activities organized for her family.  She even has pouches for the 3D movie glasses on this board where she stores discount movie deal passes!  (I have adopted a similar strategy to organize tasks with My Happiness Wall, but mine is more oriented to accomplishment of personal family projects in addition to daily family activities.)

Kid Task Chart Solution:  

Bean Reward System

I was entranced by this kid reward system at a mom-friend’s home recently.  Her family hosted dinner for ours and I spent a good amount of time interrogating her on this system.  She is a homeschooling mom of four kids so organization of time and tasks is essential.  They use a bean-count reward system.

Each kid has a tupperware bin labeled with a name and a small bean-sized slit in the top.  Once a task on the chart is complete, the child places a bean into the container.  When the container is full, it can be redeemed for a nickel a bean.  That’s merit-based allowance!  What a neat idea!

Art Supply Organization Solution:

Mason Jar/Drink Holder

Okay, so this is a post about brilliant mommies, how tacky is it that I’m featuring my own idea here?  I’m featuring it because I’m proud of it.  And, if I can’t call myself brilliant in my own blog, then where am I gonna do it?

There is no glass recycling where we live so I always try to find a way to use the glass that is leftover. A fast food drink holder holds most mason jars (salsas, peanut butters, jams, etc) very well.

This is a highly functional art supply holder which we keep in the middle of the kitchen table for the kids to access.  I don’t think it looks terrible-  I actually think it looks kind of cool!  Form and Function, Baby!

Magazine Organization Solution:  

Wine Rack Magazine Holder

 I saw this at a recent coffee I attended.  The hostess keeps her Food Network Magazines in this wine rack!  When it fills up, she takes the oldest issue and cuts out the key recipes she wants to keep out and puts them into a recipe binder before recycling the rest of the magazine.  This looked so cool in her kitchen.

Mobile Toy Carry Solution:  

Personalized Toy-Filled Toiletry Bag

This brillant toy-carry solution is the brain-child of a fellow gymnastics mom!  It’s a toiletry bag!  Each of her kids has their own and each is filled with kid and age-specific toys that are carried everywhere they go.  This one is even personalized with an embroidered name!

What cool Mom-Solutions to Everyday Challenges Have You Seen?

If you have one to offer, please feel free to send a description and picture to We’re all interested!

9 Responses to Some Brilliant Mom Solutions!

  1. Brilliant, indeed. The wine rack is a great idea because our wine racks are always empty. It’s not that we don’t drink wine – we do – that’s why it never sits in the rack.

    By the way, your cup holder idea deserves some kind of award. Seriously.

    • Nami, that’s hilarious! Maybe you guys should have one that intersperses wine and magazines! 🙂 THAT would be form and function! I’m glad you like the cup/craft holder! I’m patting myself on the back for that one! haha!

    • OOOOHH! That makes me happy. Whenever we would get those, I always felt bad even tossing them into the recycling bin- it seemed so wasteful- but I’m going to put more around the house. I’m so glad you liked the idea!!! Thanks for the comment!

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