Spooky Blog-O-Ween! {Blog Hop}

The one thing I definitely love about Halloween is reading all of the great stories and seeing some crazy creative bloggers!   For folks who read the post on my “almost-ghost story”, you might have received the impression that I don’t like Halloween.

I actually DO like Halloween, particularly the stories people tell and the fun things we can do together as a family.  Take, for instance, Jack-O-Lantern carving.

My husband’s:

My kid’s:

And mine:

Quit laughing at my pumpkin.

Back to the Blog Hop!  If you have a great Halloween Story blog post to share or a great Halloween-themed craft or recipe, Link Up!  We look forward to reading all your stories and seeing your ideas!

This is Critters And Crayons’ Very First Link Party so bear with me as I figure this out!  I already see that the links only show when you click on the link below.  Will work out these kinks for future parties!!!  Thanks, guys!

If you link up here, please feel free to grab a Halloween Blog Hop Badge for your blog to your left!

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17 Responses to Spooky Blog-O-Ween! {Blog Hop}

    • Woot! Thanks for linking up! You’re totally the first! I’ve gotta work out the javascript issue. I’m on WP.org now, but it’s still giving me fits with javascript which is why the link list is on a separate page…..Thanks, again!!!

    • Tori- Thanks! I def plan to host some humor link-ups and your stories will be so great!!! Thanks for the pumpkin vote of confidence. I was actually proud of myself. hahaha! It’s no tampon ghost, though- I seriously cannot get over that picture on your blog. haha!

  1. I’ve linked. I’ve posted to FaceBook. I’ve tweeted. And I’ve sent messages to friends who have written about Halloween. Here’s to a successful Linky event. (By the way, at the bottom of the Linky page there are instructions as to how to get the Link list onto your post).

    I love all of your pumpkins. Mine always turn out more like yours then the creative feats of art made by Nathan and Sarah.

    • Thanks, Lisa- It’s the first so I’m figuring there will need to be a few to get the momentum going, but I can’t wait to see what you guys post- Thanks, again!

  2. I just added “The who you gonna call …” post. It kept error-ing out when I tried to add a picture so I kept trying. Apparently it went through every time. Sorry about that.

  3. I can’t link yet because I haven’t done a Halloween post yet. I just blogged about picture day, which was a different kind of scary.

    When’s the last day I can get linky?

  4. All you guys who already linked up, please feel free to grab a badge from the left hand column of the blog! Thanks so much!

  5. Okay, Lisa told me to come here and upload/link some of my Halloween stuff. I did (4) links, and then when I hit to return back to your blog (so I could comment) it errored out and there was a notice to contact Brent. 🙂

    Looks like your blog is haunted. I’m outta here!


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