Katie’s Fighters Auction For Anencephaly

The Katie’s Fighters Auction to help families of anencephalic babies is OPEN and The Critters And Crayons Blog is donating a 5-Craft Kit (more details below).

To view the auction, click here!

Proceeds from Katie’s Fighters Auctions go to families in need who are raising a baby afflicted with anencephaly.  These families often incur heavy medical and burial expenses for those who succomb to the neural tube birth defect that leaves children without parts of the brain.

The organization, Katie’s Fighters, began as a local group of concerned moms and families who rallied behind Katie, a local baby who was born with anencephaly.

Katie has defied the odds and has thrived despite the initial dire prognosis.  If you want to follow her story, I encourage you to “like” the Katie’s Fighters Facebook Page where regular updates are posted and you can also see all the stories C&C has posted about her here.

You’ll see that the Katie’s Fighters Auction is composed of the wares of local crafters and small business owners.

The Critters And Crayons Blog is donating a Craft Kit with materials required for two children to complete five different craft and family activities featured in the Critters and Crayons Blog:

***Critters And Crayons will ship to the winner of the auction within the Continental United States.***

Here are the photos of the materials you get in the Critters And Crayons Craft Box!

The Critters And Crayons Craft Kit For Katie’s Fighters Auction:

 Homemade Play Dough Materials

 (Salt, Flour, Food Coloring.  Just Add Water):

Glow Sticks For A Glow In The Dark Bath:

Stick Puzzles

 (Popsicle Sticks, Tape and Markers):

Fall Grain Mosaics

 (Leaf Prints, Glue, Egg Carton To Hold Grains, Brushes For Glue, and White Rice, Corn Meal, Coffee Beans, Red Beans & Popcorn Kernels): 

 Indian Corn Rubbing

 (Cardboard, Paint, Indian Corn Cob):

And it all fits into this bin (that you can use to roll the Indian Corn in paint!)

Hope to see over at the Katie’s Fighters Auction Facebook Page!

All raised money goes to a great cause and will help several families through a difficult time.



Image Credit:  Anencephalic Child from Centers of Disease Control And Prevention

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