Stalking Stuffers

Tonight, we went to our local children’s museum member’s Christmas Party.

As we left, we passed a kiosk selling merchandise and they appeared to be selling a most curious product:

My husband and I thought for a moment and came up with this list of possible items that might fit the bill for this particular brand of creepy Christmas cheer:


1)  Mini-binoculars

2)  An address book

3)  A mini-calendar to document the stalk-ee’s daily routine

4)  A disposable phone.

5)  Latex gloves

6)  Mini-wiretap bundle

7)  A Keyboard Stroke Recorder

8  )  A coupon for

9)  A waterproof bag.  To protect all of the above.

10)  A match.  To burn all the evidence when caught in the act.

Just today, Bridget from Twinisms wrote a hilarious bit about illiteracy on her kid’s school website where parents and kids wrote in to express their dismay about possibly having to drive in icy conditions.  It appears that her little town in Alaska and our little city in Texas experienced similar bouts of grammatical incorrectness.

All I have to say to the folks that wrote this sign is:

Thank You.  And Merry Christmas.  I hope you don’t get arrested.


23 Responses to Stalking Stuffers

    • It’s funny! When I saw it, I thought, “Bridget JUST wrote about this!” haha! You’re welcome! Anytime! 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Elaine- It’s not quite as funny as being denied tacos at Jack in the Box for giving counterfeit cash…but, I work with the material I’ve got. haha!

    • Gretchen- It was at the jumperoo right outside the museum. We were, like, “No, Way.” So, I posed in front of it like I was getting a nice shot of myself and there it is. 🙂

  1. Seriously, Rebekah? You came up with a brilliant stalking stuffer! Are you sure you’re not a Private I masquerading as a mom-blogger?

    • Michael! What a great perspective! I hadn’t considered that! That’s what happens when lovers of words come together. New possibilities! Thanks!

    • It was at a kiosk near the museum but it was totally separate, thank goodness! Our kid’s museum staff is highly literate! 🙂

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