Vegetable Scrap Stamping For The Holidays

I’m always looking for ways to keep the kids busy doing something fun while I cook so that I don’t have to park them in front of a television.  Vegetable Scrap stamping has become one my go-to activities.  It uses up some of the scraps and makes for a fun activity and some pretty cool artwork to hang up.

For instance, we had some English Cucumber tops one night.

In full disclosure, I must admit that I thought they were zucchini tops.  I actually thought that the long, dark, green vegetable I added to the ground turkey, red onion, garlic and taco seasoning WAS diced zucchini.  But, the translucency in cooking revealed that my hasty shopping trip resulted in my bagging the long, green English Cucumber, instead.

But, seriously-  WHY does the produce aisle-guy put these two next to each other?  They could at least be separated by the unmistakably different acorn squash for goodness sake.

You can do this activity with zucchini tops, too (as long as you can find them next to the English Cucumbers.  Again, WHY do they do that???)  Also, I think carrots and parsnip tops would work great, too!

You just need some paper, some paint and the veggie tops!  I like this activity because the rest of the vegetable is being used and isn’t rendered inedible or unusable in the name of arts and crafts.  🙂

Here, we’re re-using some empty yogurt canisters to hold the paint.

Sometimes, it can be hard to hold our 2 year old boy’s attention when it comes to crafting.  He LOVED doing this!

Our daughter did, too!

Here’s her finished “broad-stroke” English Cucumber painting.  🙂

A few weeks later, we actually had some zucchini tops and some beautiful purple potatoes!

We used one half of a purple potato that seemed to already have a kind of natural notch-handle that it made it perfect for stamping.

Our 4 year old daughter made Christmas cookies with the zucchini and purple potato stampers!

And so did our 2 year old son!

When you’re cooking and generating vegetable scraps-  This is a great activity that keeps the kids busy and doing something worthwhile while you cook!   It beats popping them in front of the television and they have a lot of fun doing it-

For a related and fun post about potato shape stamping, check out the Outlaw Mom’s Blog!

Happy Crafting!


9 Responses to Vegetable Scrap Stamping For The Holidays

    • Nami- I thought ours were pretty on top of the task- It’s the positioning- They’ve gotta change the positioning of the zucchini and the cucumbers! Organic Art- I like that term. 🙂 You guys are meditating, right? You could do some organic art afterward? 🙂

    • Rebekah- The other thing we do is have the kids help put the veggie scraps in the compost- It’s their job to tear the pieces into smaller pieces. It keeps them busy and out of trouble when I can’t keep my eye on them. haha! But, I think they enjoy it, too. 🙂

    • I hope so, Mike- The funny thing is that I’m not really an artsy person. I’m not particularly good at it- but the crafts are easy and it’s just about finding ways to interact together. My kids have unlocked the creative side I didn’t know I had- and I’m enjoying it. 🙂

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