Frugal Christmas Entertaining….

We love the Christmas Season.

The best part about it is being with friends and family.

At the last minute, we decided to have some friends over for Christmas Dinner and we ended up having 19 folks over and it was just awesome.

It gave us an excuse to break out our china (all gifts) and to decorate the tables.

We have one of those all-purpose long tables with 8 metal folding chairs and I wanted  there to be some uniformity to the decor.

A friend of mine who runs the website LilMissMaddies where she sells the awesome things she makes gave me the idea to use pillowcases as chair covers.

She even found where I could buy them 2 for a buck!

This is the second year that I’ve used these pillowcase chair covers and I plan to use them for many more years to come.

I didn’t want to spend a small fortune on chair covers I’d only use once or twice a year.

I bought iron-on hem at Hobby Lobby and just ironed the hems to fit the larger chairs.

For the metal folding chairs, I had to cut slits up each side so that the pillow cases would fit over the legs of the metal folding chairs.

Just wrap a ribbon around the backs and you’re done.  With the iron-on hem, ribbon and 14 pillowcases, I think I spent a total of 30 dollars to outfit all of our chairs.

For the kids’ table, I just used compostable plates to reduce the chance of shattering our fine china.  🙂

All of the napkin rings were either gifts or were purchased at Target or Pier One during the after-Christmas sales in years past.

The gray toile bowls were bought for 75% off at TJ Maxx.

And all of the tree decorations on the table were purchased from Target during their “Christmas is almost over” sale for 5 dollars.

Nowadays, it’s kind of a personal challenge to see what we can do with less money.

It’s become a kind of game to see how far we can stretch a dollar.

It’s one of the reasons we started giving homemade consumable gifts like our chocolate hazelnut toffee bark and mosaic tile coasters, or  the Montessori activity trays made from items purchased at the Dollar Tree

Although, if I were really good at this, I’d be running an awesome blog like my bloggy friend, Valerie, who authors Frugal Family Fun Blog.

You would not  believe what this woman can make.  Check out her Cardboard and Dollar Store handmade play food and kitchen cafe.  Isn’t it all GORGEOUS?

Well, we’re nearing the new year but we’re still on a Christmas high.

We and our South Texas festive 50%-off flamingos hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and that the new year brings happiness, health, memories, and discoveries!


20 Responses to Frugal Christmas Entertaining….

    • Maryanne- I would have preferred floor-length slipcovers but I don’t think I could get one for the price of all 14! haha! Thanks for the comment!

  1. Wow – your place looked HERMOSISIMO!! You have inspired me to write one of my own… but not now. I am taking a break :P. I had many unexpected guests but we handled it a bit differently and not as beautifully put together as yours. Think – FRAZZLED! Haha.

    • Que Fregados- I can’t wait to read yours! You are a great entertainer and hostess! By the way, I’ve been making the zuppa toscana you made us and it has been such a hit!

      • Glad you liked it! I was just reading your post on your son reaching the stockings & was cracking up. Anyway, I haven’t gotten to the post about my house this past Sunday. I’ve got out-of-state guests coming and a couple articles to write so my postings will probably be a little thin for a couple weeks.

  2. You say at the last minute you all decided to have friends over for Christmas dinner an this is the out come. Impressive! Am sure it was fun, fulfilling and the evening was worth the effort.

    • Hudson- Yes, well- the last minute meant 5 days notice. But that is pretty last minute before Christmas! It all came together and we had wonderful food from everyone! We only entertain on a large scale about once a year and it’s an excuse to break out the fine china. Some friends commented (in a very nice way) that it wasn’t necessary because it was about friends being together because they were worried we put ourselves out- but we really enjoyed it. But, we are still in the throes of clean-up. haha! merry Christmas to you and your new puppy!

  3. You know, if I’d EVER managed to do a table set up that gorgeous, I would force everybody to eat on the stoop. Seriously. It was beyond “The Four Seasons”!

    • Nami-
      I’m so glad you thought it was pretty. You can see that it’s a metal folding table with metal folding chairs in a lot of the pictures. The pillowcases just didn’t camouflage everything. haha!

    • Valerie- Your blog is just amazing. I wish I were that creative from the get-go. We have blown a ton of money on pre-fab things that we could have just made with the help of your blog. But, things are a-changing now that I’ve found it. 🙂

    • Bridget- You message me your address and when I find more flamingoes, I will mail you some. That would be hilarious in Alaska! 🙂

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