Easy Stow-A-Way Cloud Dough In A Box….

I follow a lot of crafting blogs and something I’ve come across that my kids just love is sometimes called “cloud dough”.  At the end of this post, you can see all of the amazing bloggers I know who have posted their recipes and ideas about it.

It is simple to make and, despite its composition of white flour and baby oil, it is not at all greasy.

To minimize messes in the house, I use an underbed tupperware bin with a lockable lid so that I can stow our portable cloud dough box when we’re done playing in the kitchen or outside.

You’ll need:

  • 1 5 lb bag of white all-purpose flour
  • 2 cups of baby oil
  • 1 tupperware bin (recommend one thats is long and low to facilitate playing)

Just dump the bag of flour in and then dump the baby oil on top of it.  Mix it until the oil has absorbed.  Break up any balls of flour between your fingers.

You can let the kids do this, or do it yourself if you’re worried about the initial greasiness.  I promise it absorbs nicely.

Throw in some little construction vehicle toys, shovels, kitchen utensils, and cups to mold the cloud dough.

We use clean yogurt and apple sauce containers.  The oil in the flour gives the dough properties that behave almost like wet sand or the commercially available Moon Sand so you can build little structures.


My kids do this a lot when I ‘m cooking in the kitchen.  They really have a good time with it.

When they are finished, I snap the lid back on.

And tuck it under the guest bed until we’re ready to play with our cloud dough another day!

As a side note, I recommended this activity to a friend of mine.  She knew her son would probably not keep the cloud dough in the container in her home so she took it outside.

Her son knew he’d rather play in it semi-naked so he stripped to his skivvies and hopped on in the tub.

She said he had a great time.  Looks like a winner of a time to me, too.

Keep this in mind, folks.  Fun can be had all around with this stuff.  And I mean, All Around.  🙂

For some other amazing ideas related to cloud dough, please check out these amazing blogger friends of mine!

The Golden Gleam made some cloud dough and buried miniature animals in it.

Dinosaurs and Octopuses posted about making homemade cloud dough, moon sand and another concoction.

I’m Bloggin’ Food, Art, Play & Lots of Coffee made some, too!

The Imagination Tree posted a new and improved recipe for cloud dough and even added glitter to it-  Mouldable Sand  (British Spelling).  🙂

Tinkerlab has a beautiful post on cloud dough, too!

Tinkerlab also ran a great post on Gluten-free Cloud Dough that is great for kids with allergies.


Make Do & Friend made cloud dough boulders for construction vehicles to move around!

Rainy Day Mum made hers into “Snow Cloud Dough” as part of a winter activity to make melting snowmen:

Extra's added to the cloud dough

Thanks to all of these wonderful bloggers, I learned what Cloud Dough was and we’ve been having a great time with it ever since. Thanks to all of them for the ideas and the photos.

If you haven’t tried making cloud dough yet, you really should. I haven’t met a kid who didn’t love it.

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32 Responses to Easy Stow-A-Way Cloud Dough In A Box….

    • Rebekah- We tried a smaller bin that was deeper and it was terrible! The kids made a mess because there wasn’t room to play- So the long low bin helps us a lot! 🙂

  1. Thank you! You just gave me a new idea to have at Maddies birthday party! Lol planning early you will be getting an invitation again soon.

  2. Thanks for including me. I’m in love with the SIZE of your cloud dough tub. We also store our under a cabinet, and it’s out of site, but easy to get to when we need it. Right now it’s full of pom-poms, but maybe another batch of cloud dough is in the cards for us. BTW, your friend’s photo is hilarious. xo

    • Cloud dough is super fun! I just bought a second bag of flour to deepen the bin tomorrow morning! 🙂 The kids just love it!

  3. Thank you for including us 😀 – I love the underbed idea ours is currently in a lockable lid box that I made it in and sitting with our other crafting boxes and since we made it as come out at least twice a day.

    • Cerys- Such a good idea to keep it with other crafting materials. My kids battle over the smaller bins so I didn’t really have much of a choice- I needed a huge receptacle! 🙂

  4. Thanks for featuring our post!

    The good thing about this is that it doesn’t have to be stored airtight (like playdough) which can make storage easier! We have had ours since November just in a tray under the bed.

    • That’s a great point, Charlotte! I keep it under a lid because we have four cats and I didn’t want them thinking it was a new form of cat litter! EEWW. haha!

    • Angie- They keep it in this tub- I had tried a smaller, deeper tub and that was not a good idea. That’s why we moved to the huge underbed box! Wait until we come to visit- I’m making it for Adora!

  5. Well, gosh darnnit, I was ready to say this one’s for the birds. (Not a fan of messes here 😉 But that looks so dang fun that I have no choice but to give it a go now!


    • Bridget- that’s why you can take it outside like my friend did! 🙂 It is super fun for the kids- even if you have to hose them down afterward. 🙂

  6. I don’t know about my boys but I certainly would use it as one giant stress ball. Can you see it; “mommy’s in the cloud dough box again…”

    • Mike- the first attempt didn’t make it for very long! The box wasn’t big enough so it all ended up outside the box. The trick is to increase the play area. My kids do spend a good amount of time in it with minimal mess, but I’ve met a few kids that didn’t last more than a few minutes. haha!

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  10. Looking forward to making this for the school children. This is alot cheaper than buying moon sand and interested in finding out if the powdered paint does a good job of coloring it.

    • Cindy- it is funny that you wrote this- I am about to write a post about how to handle cloud dough. 🙂 It is a great time- but there are some things people should know about the substance. So, stand by- It will be out soon- 🙂 Good luck with the kids!!!

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