Collaborative Heart Project Fundraiser: Our Valentine’s Day Tree

Critters and Crayons is excited to participate in a wonderful collaborative  Heart Project Fundraiser to benefit The American Heart Association (AHA) led by Jaime at Hands On:  As We Grow!

Bloggers from around the world are submitting photos of the creative “Hearts” they’ve made with their children for inclusion in an eBook of Heart Projects that will be sold later in February!

There will be associated give-aways of projects, the eBook, and some products by companies like Melissa and Doug and Fudoo Boards!  More info on that to come!

In addition to our  Tofu Hearts, Critters and Crayons made felt heart ornaments for our new tradition:  The Season Tree.  And here are the details!


As we packed away our Christmas tree this year (in Mid-January), I found myself a little sad about it.  But, I realized that we had a small branch tree we bought in Germany years ago that we store away every year with the Christmas decorations.

Our kids and I decided that this leafless golden tree would become a permanent part of our home decor year round.  Every month, depending on the season, holiday or celebration, our family will decorate it together with things that we make around the kitchen table.

Here is our first tree of the year:  The Valentine’s Day Tree.

This past Christmas, we were unable to send out our Christmas cards because there were problems with how they were printed.  We still had 50 cards on hand.  The colors we wore are right for Valentine’s Day-  Red, white and black.

The kids cut the cards around the photos. This was excellent for their scissor-work.

I found beautiful felt heart ornaments for $1.99 a pack of 12 at Hobby Lobby as well as some pretty and inexpensive felt stickers.

The kids glued the photos they cut from the cards onto the felt heart ornaments and decorated them with the felt heart stickers.

Then, we hung all the ornaments on the Valentine’s Day Tree as a family.

The kids are already talking about how they want to decorate the tree for March’s St. Patrick’s Day.

The neat thing about this activity is that it gives us something to look forward to doing each month together.  The kids have taken an interest in the calendar, months of the year, and associated holidays.  If you have one of those magnetic wooden calendars, pull it out as you prepare for the new tree decor.

Have you started any family traditions this year?  

14 Responses to Collaborative Heart Project Fundraiser: Our Valentine’s Day Tree

  1. You just made Samu’s day! A year-round tree for holiday decorations? That’s like living in a toy store. I like how you justify their labor as “scissor-work”. Nice job.

    • Nami-
      You could use a branch in a vase to decorate, too! Super easy and it gives the kids something to look forward to! Child labor/ crafting….same difference. haha!

  2. Your seasons tree is absolutely beautiful! We have one at our house too and we decorate it for everything. It really does build a lot of excitement and it’s a great activity to do together. Yours turned out wonderful, and I love your actual tree. We just use a branch in a vase. hehe.

    • Joyce- You guys really are the inspiration behind it! That fall bucket list (where we found you) was just awesome!

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  4. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve linked to your tree in my newest post. And it made me realize that you were one of the very first people ever to link to my blog, and it was for my Autumn Bucket List tree. haha. So thanks. Oh the memories 🙂

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