C&C Green Works Product Review

I belong to the Green Works Big Tent Community and that means that I get to participate in fabulous opportunities to try out Green Works products for the home!

I received a box in the mail with the following products:  Green Works All Purpose Cleaner, Green Works Cleaning Wipes and Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

Green Works is made by Clorox and it is made with 99% natural ingredients.  This makes me feel a lot better about using it around the house with small kids.

After dinner tonight, our stove-top had some cooked-on  food splatter that is tough to remove normally.

Because the Green Works All-Purpose cleaner is gentler than some of the more potent cleaners, I spritzed it onto the stovetop and let it sit for five minutes to help loosen the residue.

Then, the stove top was wiped clean.

The other product I have been using recently is the Green Works Cleaning Wipe.

Our son uses this potty.  I keep the wipes on hand to clean up any messes.

This is the after photo.

I figured I would spare you the before photo.

I’m hoping that once he graduates to regular use of the big-boy potty, that I’ll be able to review the Green Works toilet bowl cleaner more effectively.  🙂

Do you use Green Works products?  

What was your experience like?


This is sponsored post.  As part of the Green Works Big Tent Community, I received products to review.  I was not obligated to write a blog post, nor was I told what to write.  The opinions and content are my own.  



10 Responses to C&C Green Works Product Review

  1. Thanks for reviewing them! That is awesome.

    However, their “green” factor is only marginally better if at all.

    See for example:




    For the stove, sprinkle a little baking soda down and then put some vinegar on top and let it sit. Would have wiped off nicely.

    Fraction of the cost, too.

    And completely natural….you could apply and then rest assured that your kids and pets can play in the area (and you know kids….”accidentally” get their hands in it…lol…) and not be harmed.

    Vinegar, water and baking soda can clean pretty much a whole house. Lemon, a few drops of essential oil scents and other completely natural stuff works great, too! 🙂

    And it is sooooo CHEAP! 🙂

    • Gretchen- I knew Mrs Green would have a good comment! I think it’s a little better- but I know it’s definitely not as natural as using homemade ingredients! Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  2. I cannot tell you how thankful I was to have these around last night. We came home from a road trip with dirty, cranky kids to a construction site with red brick dust and black tile/grout dirt covering everything, including the bathtub, plus contractor mess in the bathrooms…I about hit the roof!…but sprayed and cleaned the whole house down with my GreenWorks products. Phew. That’s all I can say 🙂

    • Chrissy- I have to agree that the wipes work really well and the all-purpose cleaner, too. I usually try to stay as natural and organic as possible- but sometimes I find I deviate because I don’t get the results I’m looking for- We had been using an all-natural eco-friendly laundry detergent and it just wasn’t working so we ended up switching to a more commercial brand with FEWER chemicals even though there were still some in the product. Deodorant is another non-negotiable. I’ve used the natural deodorants and they didn’t work for me- 🙂

    • Nami-
      You are such a loyal commenter. Even on sponsored posts and Laredo-specific items. 🙂 Thank you!

    • Terumi- I’m not a good cleaner, either. Blogging is so much more fun! Looking forward to your review!

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