When Men Dress Our Kids: Take 2

Today was a great day-  Woke up to rainy and cold weather that threatened to ruin our Adventure Club hike.  But, it didn’t.  I’ll write more on that another time.

Hubby stayed with the kids.  He did a great job, as usual.

The kids painted rocks, watched a little TV, and ate salt water taffy for breakfast.  I didn’t mind.  I was going on a hike!

I had packed everything I needed and believed I had set the conditions at home for everything to run smoothly during a morning without mom.

I couldn’t shake the feeling I’d forgotten to do something.

When we finished our  hike and I met up with the hubs and kids for lunch, I immediately knew what I had forgotten to do.

If it isn’t fairly obvious, you might notice the feminine quality of the shirt:  the loose and luxe turtleneck, the daintily curved pockets or maybe even the fine buttons up the slim tapered sleeve of our daughter’s clothing….ON OUR SON.

If you missed the last post about how men dress our kids, you can see it here.  

My husband said he thought it looked a little girly but that he figured the big neck thing was a hood.

I wondered what he thought once he put it on our son and saw that the only thing that hood might cover is a single ear and the nape of his neck- but not at the same time.

He had to have noticed, because he folded it down ever so prettily.

My hubby says that the shirt was on the wrong side of the closet (our son’s side) and that’s why the mix-up happened.

But, I have to hand it to him.  At least our son was color-coordinated.  That effeminate brown turtleneck top was at least paired with a masculine pair of camouflage pants.

I am just so glad I didn’t accidentally slip a tutu into one of our son’s cubby’s.

This is turning into a mini-series:  When Men Dress Our Kids….




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31 Responses to When Men Dress Our Kids: Take 2

  1. I love this – I had a lie in today and came down to find J (little boy 2 and a half) dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt – daddy had let him choose his clothes from the clean laundry pile and he had dressed T (1yo little girl) in her brother jeans and her pink t-shirt – the trousers were 3T and she’s in 18month stuff so were a little long – he had turned them up and told me that he thinks I was a little eager putting her smaller clothes away as she needs them.

    • Haha! QF!!! That is hilarious- Those would have to be some cheap parents to hand girl’s clothes down to a boy! haha!

  2. Ha, ha, ha!
    Well, there’s (a few) men and then, there’s men(most of them)!

    It’s funny how they can dress themselves well or fairly well ha, ha, ha …but when it comes to the kids…I wonder….why? what happens? I think it’s just a “let’s get the naked in you (the children’s)out of the way!” so we can do the next thing on mom’s list…ha, ha, ha

    My husband said to my 3 yeard old son, last year:
    “Come, let me dress you so we can go outside.” He started taking pants and looking for a shirt….Our son said, “Dad, I love you but those pants don’t go with that shirt…let me call mom to give me my clothes before you ruin my style.” (I didn’t know he had/has a style…?!!!)

    I swear I never said anything to him about his father limited talents in matching/picking his clothes! Nor about him having “a style!”

  3. Love it! You have the best husband… always being so thoughtful by giving you things to write about it. That is why he did this, right?

  4. I think it looks great! My five year old has a Justin Bieber doll and he seriously is wearing a collar that is similar. Well played, Sean. That kid will be a rock star!

    • Seriously, Gretchen? In person, our son looked like he was wearing a total girl shirt- but I’m not up with teen boy fashion- Maybe he was in style! :)

  5. He looks so fashion forward – love it :-) We have the same going on at our house. When it’s accidental, it’s Hubby. When it’s on purpose (like borrowing his sister’s dark wash jeggings), it’s me! Hubby thinks it’s too 80’s Euro, but I think it’s rad :-)

    • Chrissy- You’re so fashionable- I saw your “my style” on pinterest once and it’s so different from mine! Yours is way luxe and forward! When I shop, I ask the Gap Girls if something goes together. haha!

  6. When Karrigan would wear onesies with snaps up the back my husband always seeemed to think the snaps should go on the front. Many times I come home to a daughter with a onesie on backwards–even with the big picture on her back.

    Or the time he put her in a cute onesie with ruffles covering the butt..and then forced a pair of jeans on over the fluffy ruffly butt and couldn’t figure out why it “looked so strange”

    • Jessica- I love the name Karrigan!!! That is comical about your hubby and the backward onesies. It always cracks me up when the men seem clueless about those things. The ruffle butt in jeans is awesome. Men. :)

  7. Save the picture, Tricia, it could be one of those they show on project runway in about 15 years. You know, where DS says “That’s when I knew I wanted to be a designer!” hehehe

    I never did that with our kids. j/k!

  8. This IS turning into a mini-series! Perhaps, your husband secretly wants to wear YOUR clothes by accident and he’s making your son act it out. Hmmmm….

    • Elizabeth- Too late for the “en vanguard” encouragement. Someone already said he looked like Justin Bieber or Kurt from Glee. My hubby is FIRED. hahaha!

      • ha, ha, ha
        …That’s it!!!!! You just hit it on the nail! May be that’s what your husband really wanted, not to have that assignment ever again! :-) ha, ha, ha

    • Aw- Stephanie- thanks for going to read the first one! haha! Men and their complete lack of style-sense. At least it gives us good blog material! :)

  9. Too funny. My hubby has morning duty. When it was my turn I found out he was ironing the 5yr olds clothes. Not because they were wrinkled but to warm them up for him. I already feel sorry for my a
    Sons future wife.

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