Decorating A Girl’s Room: DIY Origami Butterflies

We are re-doing our daughter’s side of the room.  She loves butterflies.

We decided we would make our own ” DIY Origami Butterflies ”  to create a sort of migratory pattern where the butterflies started near her brother’s side of the room and finished up by her bed.

We got out a bunch of scrapbook paper I’ve held onto now for about 5 years and she picked the colors she wanted them to be.

I downloaded a printable tutorial on how to make origami butterflies here.

She helped to make a couple by following some simple folds I taught her.

And then, I just made butterflies until we had enough to fill her wall.

Total cost for the entire project was around $12 for the scrapbook paper, origami paper and thumbtacks we used to affix each butterfly.

She’s happy with it!

And so are we!

One of these days, I might make the butterfly migration go around the entire room….as soon as the blisters on my fingertips heal from all that origami.  🙂







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31 Responses to Decorating A Girl’s Room: DIY Origami Butterflies

    • Ahem. Nice try, little sister. You gave mom a bottle of 100 dollar-bill paper origami cranes which are much harder to fold than these. Busted. Love you!

    • Andra- Thanks so much! My hubby helped me build the pattern. He’s actually got a much a better artistic eye than I do! 🙂 I bet MTM has a good one, too!

  1. Very cool! Might be because I have a boy but is it just me or do those look like colorful paper planes? Nico loves butterflies and going to the butterfly house, these would be great! He has a jungle theme left over on his walls so it would fit.

    • Valerie- My butterflies are probably beginner origami butterflies so more angular than some of the more complex designs. They look a little more like butterflies up close BUT you could make the case for airplanes- I had planned to do origami cars for my son’s side of the room but he didn’t want them- I think origami airplanes, cars or boats would be adorable for a boy’s room! We could do a KBN origami round-up. haha!

  2. This is gorgeous – we’re going to be decorating T’s room this year and butterflies will be forming part of the decoration (along with owls and fairies) I wasn’t sure how I was going to do the butterflies but this is a great idea.

    • Cerys- the butterfly folds are bit tricky- I might do a video tutorial. If I do, I will be sure to link to you so you can see! 🙂

    • Thank you, Terri! Our daughter loves it- and you can’t beat the price. Fingerprints are way over-rated. haha! Thanks for the comment!

    • Laine- I think I’ll do a tutorial- There are a few ways to make some differently shaped butterflies I have since learned. 🙂 Your Spring Break is late! Ours is over!

  3. Blisters from origami? That’s hardcore! The butterflies are a fantastic idea – we tried glow in the dark planets but the boys made a game of knocking them down while jumping on the bed. Wonder how they’ll feel landing on a thumbtack?

    • Nami! Haha! They’ve healed- I now have seasoned Origami Callouses….kind of like your hubby probably does with his guitar. 🙂

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    • Alyssa, thanks! Please let me know when it is published so I can share, too. I just ask for watermark to be kept in place for the photo and for linkback without using large portions of text. Thank you for your interest!

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