Old Make-Up? Make Art!

Why is it so hard to let go of old make-up?

…the make-up that you bought 7 years ago, that hasn’t been touched unless you finally brought yourself to take it out of your “old cosmetics” stash with the hopes that this time you might actually throw it away?  But, then you don’t.

Maybe someone will want it.

Right-  Someone might want your face or lip or eye fluid germs.  Right.

It’s not like this stuff has a shelf life.

Wait a minute.

It DOES have a shelf life?

So, why don’t we all just toss this stuff?

Why do I still have that bright iridescent fuchsia lipstick?

Why did I buy it in the first place?

Why do I have glittery seafoam green cream eyeshadow?

There is just no excuse for that.

But, every time I steel myself to throw these things out, I feel a little guilty.  It seems wasteful.

I convince myself that ugliness is not a reason to throw away usable cosmetics.

So what if I was supposed to throw that lipstick out when the youngest contestant on American Idol was born?  Those expiration dates are just suggestions, really.

So, after looking at my cosmetics box the other day, I took out all of the things I hadn’t considered wearing within the last 2 to 10 years.

There were lipsticks and smoky opalescent eyeliners in there from 2002, People.  No joke.

Our family sat around our breakfast table and broke out the drawing pads.

Our daughter swirled a pink blush that I’m pretty sure was named “Red Light District Pink”.  It looked much better on the paper as the outline of a house than it did splotched on my freckled face.

The lip gloss applicators worked perfectly for fine detailing to make doors and windows!

To0-bright eyeliners and super-shimmery lipslicks made excellent sunshine….

And it really became a family event with dad, brother, sister and mom at the table….

This shimmer powder was supposed to be a soft, sultry body powder that would make one glisten.  It made me look like I had been submerged in a highly unnatural fine glitter bath.   I bought it when I was in COLLEGE.

That was a very long, long time ago.  Longer than 10 years ago.  Maybe even longer than 15 years ago, folks.

I won’t say the name of the manufacturer but I WILL tell you that it’s made by a company that rhymes with Nictoria’s Mecret.

Our son loved the huge body brush and the shimmery, light powder on the paper, though.

But, I ask you- if that powder makes matte paper sparkle like this, can you imagine what it does to your legs, belly and underarms?

Reflection is not always a good thing.  It’s only good if you are Gwyneth Paltrow.

And, there’s a reason why interior designers put reflecting mirrors in small spaces.  It’s because it makes things look BIGGER.

Post-baby, I need no help in the pixie-dust reflection department.

In the craft kit that ripple & dimple-highlighting shimmer body powder stays.


These are our finished works-

  • the blush-body powder creation on top is our 3 year old-son’s,
  • the lipstick and smokey eyeliner house is from the hands of our 4.5 year old daughter and,
  • I made the unseasonable Christmas landscape in March.

But, wait.

What did Da Da make?

But, of course.

A smokey kohl and crusty mascara grim reaper.

At least he’s crafting with us.  Even if he is scaring the kids.

When we finished our cosmetics craft session, something surprised me.

I realized it had taken as long as 10 or 15 years to finally use some of this stuff, but that it only took a few minutes for it to be completely GONE.

And we made something cool and we did it together.

Isn’t that awesome?

Now, Please Tell:

What do you do with your old make-up? 

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21 Responses to Old Make-Up? Make Art!

  1. What a great way to use up your old make up. Loved the grim reaper. Actually reminds me of myself on any Monday morning getting ready to start the work week!! Thanks for posting this great article.

    • Debbie- I’m always surprised to find out that you read my blog. haha! The grim reaper was me all day today! Our son had food poisoning and so I was up all night- NOT pretty at all! Debbie, you must know that you’re one of the moms I think of on this journey as someone I want to be like for my daughter and son! 🙂

  2. What a unique idea. I LOVE that you husband was in on it. It’s nearly impossible to get mine to do any craft with the kids, but if I told him it was with make-up, I know he’d be out the door! Today I’ll try to talk him into dying eggs. Maybe I’ll leave the photo of your husband on the computer in the background as a subliminal message.

    • Lisa- It is pretty cool that my hubby participates in the arts and crafts projects! He’s so much better at them than I am! I hope your egg-dying went well!

    • Lisa- maybe you should have your hubby do math-related crafts with the kids? He could make moebius strips with them for them to color. They could make fractals using paper and scissors (like snowflakes)….that might be up his alley!

    • Anna- I think that’s where I got the idea to draw with it- I’d give old make-up to our daughter and then she’d end up drawing on her easel with it, instead. haha! Thanks for the comment! I would love to see you daughter’s artwork!

    • Ang- I’d probably have to pour through your make-up to see what I’d like to keep first. I just put up that Cole Haan white wallet you didn’t want anymore after a year of use- And now, I’m using one that our baby sister passed off to me. You guys have awesome stuff. I love my hand-me-ups. 🙂 haha!

    • Laine- It is a lot of fun for the kids- and it makes it easier to waste if you can call them craft supplies. 🙂

  3. In a way, this must satiate a man’s desire to play with makeup (like wearing a dress). You guys made some fantastic art – Grim Reaper included. I have two shades of eye shadow. Seriously, with plucking out the witch hairs, I don’t have time to cake on much else.

    • Nami- ha! My hubby is just artistic- he can draw with anything- And I think it’s cool you don’t have much make-up. I don’t have any idea why I have so much- I hardly wear any of it. 🙂

  4. Great art idea and very cool that Hubby joined in, but my favorite part of this post is that you are making fun of all of your old colors and they are still my go-to colors 🙂 So essentially…you are making fun of me. Awesome 🙂

    • Joyce- my hubby was a huge help with the maxi pad santa, too! He is quite artistic! It is cool that he joins in with us! 🙂

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