Fresh Produce Girl’s Twirly Dress in Happyness: A Mom’s Review

I had just been searching for our daughter’s Easter Dress when Critters And Crayons was approached with an opportunity to review products from a beautiful line of clothing I’m so glad to discover!

Fresh Produce designs, manufactures and markets a women’s and children’s lifestyle brand of clothing.  When you view their story here, you can see that that they “are rooted in the positive impact of color”.

As I looked through the site to choose a girl’s garment to review, I was struck by the vivid collections and the look of comfortable wearability.  The names of the collections (such as The Calypso, Blue Tahitian, Moroccan, and Catalina)  are exotic and represent unique styling of the places they channel.

The women’s clothes I saw looked very wearable, comfortable, bright and stylish and I made a mental note to come back to look for some breezy things for myself.

I chose a piece for our little girl from the Happyness Collection:  The Girl’s Twirly Dress in Happyness.

Girl's Twirly Dress in Happyness  | White

The image of the girl dancing in wonder reminded me of how I often see my own.

I could imagine my little girl in this vibrant dress before it even arrived.

And, when it did, we wore it to our neighborhood Easter Egg hunt where….






When I got home, she had climbed and run and frolicked and rolled in that beautiful cotton dress.

So, the real test was coming:  Would it hold up in the wash?  Would the colors stay clean and bright?  Would those gorgeous scrunchy ruffles around the bottom fray with the first wash?

We washed it using the cold cycle and tumble dried it normal.

And, it was just as perfect as it was when it arrived.

Our daughter loves this dress for its beauty and comfort.

I love it for the same reasons.  But, I also love that it holds up under some intense play and washing.

I love it so much that I made good on my mental note and went back to check to see what goodies I might find for myself on the Fresh Produce site.

Then, I ordered myself one just like it.

Effortless Dress in Happyness | White

No. That’s not me.

But, I look just like that.

We’re gonna be Mama-Daughter Bobbsey Twins!

To see other kids’ clothing and sun dresses that might interest you from the Fresh Produce brand, you can go to the following links for more information!

Sun Dresses

Casual Clothing 

Summer Fashion

This is a sponsored post.  I have agreed to review a Fresh Produce garment.  I was compensated in product (a child’s dress) as part of this agreement.  Even though this is sponsored post, I was not told what to write and all content and opinions are truthful and my own.  
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8 Responses to Fresh Produce Girl’s Twirly Dress in Happyness: A Mom’s Review

    • Thank you, QF!!! I’m slowly learning how to use my camera. 🙂 But, there’s still a steep learning curve! I think you’d like the clothes on the site, too! Really comfy! I think the scarves are really pretty- they’d match your house! 🙂

  1. Is that model on the phone? Ha, ha. Your daughter’s got the right idea, if I had a twirly dress, I’d twirl until I puked. The adult version doesn’t look as twirly, however.

    • Chrissy- Basically, in the blogosphere, I’m going to make myself out to be a conglomeration of several hot blondes. 🙂

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