Origami Ideas For Family Fun, Gifts & Decor!

Last month, I ran a post on how we made an origami butterfly wall for our daughter’s bedroom.

Origami was such a prevalent sight in my early childhood in Korea that I am still surprised when someone asks me what it means.

So, I thought folks might be interested to see some of the ways that my kids and I use the origami we make together as gifts or as decor around our own home!

We recently made this Origami Butterfly “Specimen” Shadowbox for a good friend of mine who was leaving.  She plans to hang it in her play room!

For room decor, you can make large cranes and suspend them with thread in small bird cages or Wedding card holders-  like this pink one in our daughter’s room:

Or this white and gold one I gave to my departing friend to hang in her family room.

And for other rooms of the house, you can take things like that bird cage-inspired platter-topper and use it to hang cranes or other paper birds….

There are many tutorials available online and Hobby Lobby has a few books for beginners, too!  Other great places to check for deals on origami kits are stores like Ross, Marshalls or TJ Maxx.  I have seen expensive kits there for much less!

I admit, I keep a few sheets of origami paper in my planner for emergencies.

Sometimes a child nearby is crying or my kids are bored- and origami has a way of soothing them.

Maybe it’s the concentration on the folds, or the rote activity of repetition (like knitting) that does the trick.  But, there is usually some level of delight for a child to see a 2 dimensional piece of paper transform into a 3D figure.

The very best things about origami are that it is a simple way to bond with your kids and it is inexpensive.

Our four year old already knows how to make her own origami baskets!

The thing I am most looking forward to is seeing her and my son teach their own kids how to do this ancient paper-folding art that I learned in my childhood.

Those creations will be the most special of all, I think!



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7 Responses to Origami Ideas For Family Fun, Gifts & Decor!

  1. Trish, this is pretty neat! Very creaitive and shows a little of our culture around the house! My favorite is the pink crane in the white bird cage with the lime green floor!

  2. So cool that you can already teach your daughter. I can’t wait until mine have mastered a little more dexterity. I remember having so much fun with origami as a kid. I’ve been seeing more of it lately and would love to start doing it again. Great shadow box and birdcage ideas!

    • Johanna- Yes!!! Making origami boats DOES count!!!! As long as you didn’t use pages out of the hymnal to do it. 🙂

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