Moving The Sun: How Our Kids View Us…

I remember being a little girl and just looking at my father like he was the one with all the answers and strength and wisdom in the world.  Now, that I have kids, I’m seeing it all over again in the perceptions my children have of my husband.

My husband is pretty great.

This is a factual statement.

But, if you ask my children, it is very short of the truth.

In my childrens’ eyes, he is not just Super Dad, he is Super Human.

When watching Adam West in the 1960’s Batman episodes, one of the first observations our three-year old son made was that  “Batman doesn’t hab any muscles. Dada has muscles.”

True.  True.

Admittedly, by modern Super Hero standards, Adam West could have used a little more Creatine in his diet.

But, to entertain the conversation, I asked, “Well, who is stronger?  Kilowog, The Incredible Hulk or your Dad?”  The very quick answer was that Dad was, of course, stronger.

In my mind, I had another conversation with my son.  And, in my mind, I said things like-  “Yes, but can your dad, or The Incredible Hulk, or Kilowog, or Batman make milk with their boobies?  Nope.  Didn’t think so.  Score for the mom team.”

But there have been other times where my husband’s otherworldly powers have been summoned by our kids.

For instance, when we were driving down the road in the direction of blinding sun, our son cried out that sun was in his eyes and to move it!!!  When I expressed that I can do many things, but moving the sun is not one of them, he demanded that his father do it.  And when I informed him that even Super Dad  could not do that, he asked, “Well, can Dada’s truck move the sun?”   

It makes sense.

Dad’s truck can pull an RV.  Why not the sun?

And it is during moments like this that my mind entertains hypothetical conversations with my son about how cool his mom really is.  “Sure, your dad’s truck might be able to move the sun, son.  But, can Dad grow an entire organ?  I don’t think so.  I can.  It’s called a placenta.  And, it’s so cool that people actually make shampoo with it.”

La Bella Placenta & Vitamin E Shampoo with Panthenol


I recall another day, our family watched the movie Superman Returns.

There was a scene where Lex Luther had purposefully cut the brakes of his vapid girlfriend to draw Superman into a rescue.  Surprised by the authenticity of her mortal danger, the dingy girl pretty much hugged all over Superman and our daughter asked, “Why is she loving on Superman?”

In my mind, I thought, “Well.  Who wouldn’t?”  I mean, look at the guy.  But, I didn’t say that.

But, I answered, “Well, she was scared and Superman helped her.  She’s very happy.”  I might have also thrown in (under my breath), ” And, he’s also very handsome and strong.”

Our daughter responded, “Yeah.  Just like Daddy!”

And our son said, “Maybe Daddy will be Superman, too!”

And back into my mind I retreated and thought unspoken thoughts. “Yes.  Daddy could be Superman.  He is just as handsome and strong and helpful, but can Daddy OR Superman EVER grow a human being in their bellies?  Nope.  That’s only something Super MOMS can do.  The closest thing to childbirth for a dad might be the highly unfortunate incident of having to  pass kidney stones.  But, at the end of even that painful ordeal, men are left with a tube of asymmetrical crystals their bodies grew. But we women?  We grew YOU…..”

So, one day, after hearing about how dad was the coolest guy ever and (honestly agreeing wholeheartedly with the kids on that fact, by the way), I asked  my daughter for the first time, “So?  Daddy does some cool stuff.  What does Mama do?”

In my mind, again, I figured this would be a great confidence booster. I mean, moms do a lot of stuff every day-   Wage-earning moms and Stay-At-Home-Moms alike.  This mom-gig is a tough business.  I couldn’t wait to hear the answer.

And our daughter didn’t think for long before answering.

“Uh?  You are cranky and you drop things.”

Well, that’s just awesome.

It appears my double-X applies to more than my homogametic chromosome structure.

My hubby is definitely an X-WHY.

As in WHY is daddy Super Man and Mom is, well, Mom?

It could be the familiarity of being around Mom all the time.  It could be that Dad really is physically bigger and broader…(well, at least now that I’m not in my third trimester anymore.)  It could be that kids go through phases of idolization of strong male figures.   It could be a lot of things.  And, I’m not really concerned about any of them.

I write this only because all of these things come together in a very funny way to me.

I joke about it here and that shouldn’t be confused with any real envy of my husband’s Super Human-ness in the eyes of my kids.

I think it’s wonderful that he is so idolized. It is a lot better than the alternative.

Plus, on many levels, their dad is a pretty Super Guy.

But, one day, I’m hoping our kids will have kids.

And if or when those days come, I know they’ll look at their imperfect mom in a whole new way.

They are going to look at mom like she could have moved the Sun.


I know they will.

Because that’s exactly what I did when I looked at my mom through new mom-eyes.


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20 Responses to Moving The Sun: How Our Kids View Us…

  1. Tricia, that was great, just as you and all Mom’s are. Trust me, we men know the real story. As with your Mom, you and countless other Mom’s , nothing is possible without you! In time, we all learn that about our Mom.

  2. After having a conversation about careers and what our Daddy does as his career, I asked – “What does Mommy Do?”. I also was expecting a morale booster to float out of the mouth of my observant daughter. Know what she said? “Hmmm… Mommies drive a lot.” That was it. 🙁

    • Lisa- Ha! If they only knew all the wonderful things you do, Lisa! You are such a great person! And such a great mom!!!

  3. I think you just need to kick it up a notch!! Then again not all of us can be “Super Mom’s” like me hahaha! Kids are a trip. I don’t think it helps that your husband flies and get awards for being a hero- that’s a bit of a challenge to top!

    • Cynthia- I know!!!!!! When am I gonna get a hero medal???? I potty trained my kid for goodness sake!!!! hahaha!

  4. Oh my God, I laughed so hard my uterus fell out! Cranky and drop things? That has GOT to go on a bumper sticker – put me in for one thousand of them.

    • Nami-
      Yes- we should make that into a bumper sticker!!! I bet Samu would give some good answers, too!!!

  5. It’s true. There is nothing like motherhood to show you how amazing your own mother is. My mother was with me when both of my children were born, and watching her hold them…. It’s not that I know now how easily she can move the sun, maybe with her pinky finger while folding a mountain of laundry. It’s that she IS the sun – beautiful, radiant, wise, fierce and flawed. The perfect superhero 🙂

    • Desi- My goodness, girl- Your comment is so beautiful it makes me wish I had thought of it as a much better ending to my post!!! Thank you for taking time out of your crazy busy days to read this post! 🙂

    • Johanna- What is up with that??? hahahahaha! Kids. I wanted to say …’Nuh uh. I also BLOG!!!!” hahaha!

  6. I definitely think the Daddy Superhero love is based on a lot on who’s at home with them. Daddy waltzes in from work and the world stops. As it should for little ones who haven’t seen one parent all day, but yes, it would be great for moms to be the superhero, too! I think they all know that deep down, whether expressed or expressed strangely – love that comment about what you can do!

    • Chrissy- I totally agree! If we are home all the time, we are the ones that have to do a lot more of the correcting, which is no fun. But, one day- we’ll be appreciated. I hope. 🙂

  7. Trish, this past weekend, as a special treat since I’m leaving the boys with their dad soon while I settle in at the new house in Portland, I took the boys to McDonalds for lunch, Toys R Us so they could spend some of their allowance money, then to the movies to see than new Pirate movie. As we were leaving the theater, we were having a conversation about mean people, and I jokingly said “well, I’m mean” to which they both replied “No you’re not!” Being a single mom, I am the disciplinarian, the one who maked sure homework is done, the chore-master, etc. So I asked them why they thought I was nice, and they both said “Because you took us to McDonalds, Toys R Us, and the movies!” I’m so glad they can forget about all the other Mom-stuff I have to do, and focus on the good times we have together.

    • Allow me to correct myself. I didn’t mean to imply that only single moms are the disciplinarian, homework enforcer, or chore-master. I am fully aware that all moms do these tasks. I only meant to say that while those are my jobs, it is all ice-cream and Disneyland when the boys are at their dad’s house, so I am pleased that my boys don’t just see me as the mean one and daddy as the cool one.

      • Shannon- I don’t think you came off like you were saying that at all! As a single working mom, you’ve got to do more than twice the work and everything in between- Not sure how you manage it!!!

    • Shannon- I am so glad that you and your sons had that experience!!! As a single working mother, it can not be easy! And, you’re right, I think- Kids are forgiving and resilient.

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