If You Can’t Stand The Spinning, Stay Out Of The Teacup

It was a carnival night for us.

It was very late.  But we’ve learned that it’s much better to be judged for keeping our pre-schoolers up until midnight at a carnival than to wait 30 minutes per ride in 100 degree heat.  At 11 PM, you can get through at least four or five kiddie rides in half an hour.

After our kids did the Choo Choo Train that went around the 10 foot track six times which averaged about $.50 per kid per lap- they decided that they wanted to do the spinning teacup ride.

You know the one, right?

The one where the plane holding all the spinning teacups goes one direction, while people spin the teacups at varying speeds in the opposite direction?

For people that get motion sickness, it’s pretty much a nightmare of a ride.  I won’t do it without dramamine, myself.

Anyway, both of our kids met the height requirement so we let them get in one of the teacups.  My husband buckled them in.

And then the ride started.

It seemed to be going pretty well after its first revolution…

But, then-  as our 5-year old daughter started to spin that teacup at a most unnaturally fast and impressive speed, we noticed that our son did not seem to be enjoying himself quite as much as she was.

As she spun that teacup faster and faster, we noticed our son start to sway back and forth- seemingly unable to hold himself upright.

He was clearly cross-eyed.

Their faces were a blur as our daughter emitted demonically gleeful cackles- but we could see our son’s dazed gaze.

He was in a stupor- seemingly paralyzed with motion drunkness.

And our daughter spun that teacup faster and faster, maniacally laughing and screaming with every nausea-inducing turn!

He mustered a “MOMMA!!!!!”

And I remember thinking I’ve gotta get in there!

I wanted to jump the fence.

I wanted to jump over the ride-operator.

I needed to get to my son.

“Aw.  He’s FINE.”  My husband said.

I was thinking….he is sooooo NOT fine.

“He’s totally FINE.”  My brother-in-law said.

“Oh. No.  He is totally NOT fine”, I thought.

But, I’m pretty sure I stayed calm.

I remember asking the man to stop the ride.

And he did.

The only problem was that he stopped the ride, but our daughter was so busy spinning that teacup (and by this time, our son was laying on his side, unable to prop himself up), that the operator had to pull on the teacup in the opposite direction just to slow down the momentum.

I ran in to pick up my son and he was very thankful.

I looked at one of the moms on the side who I figured might be annoyed that I asked the guy to stop the ride her kids were on, and she said, “Oh. No.  I get it.  I SAW his little face.  I would have done the same thing.”

Our poor little son said, “Momma. I don’t wike the teacups.  They are SCAWY.  My sistow is berry good at the teacups but I don’t wike dem.”

When our daughter got off the teacups, beaming- I asked her if she noticed that her brother was not enjoying the ride.

She said, “Yeah. He looked like he was gonna throw up. But, I was trying to get me a good time.”

We’ve been working on our manners, consideration of others and good citizenship stuff.  Really, we have.  But, it’s a work in progress.

Anyway-  On the way home, I told my husband that I was proud of myself for not losing my stuff when our son looked like he was going to pass out.

My husband seems to have a different recollection of my response.  Here is what my non-blogger hubby has to say about the event…

“So I noticed that my son started yelling for his mother and the next thing I know, Tricia is trying to jump the fence as if she is going to stop the machine herself.  I blocked her with my left arm as she was screaming hysterically…”Stop the machine!  My son!”  It was everything I could do to keep her from “saving” her son!  I’m sure that the entire park heard the raucous over the noise of the machines.”

So he called my brother-in-law on the way home and put him on the speaker phone.

And he seemed to corroborate my husband’s account.

The next day I asked my little sister her recollection of events.

She seemed to remember me getting ready to hop over the ride operator.  And then she said that she thought it was hilarious that our son’s eyes were still rattling back and forth trying to focus even once I snatched him from the fetal position…

I genuinely don’t remember things going down like that.

I remember feeling like all that INSIDE but I worked really hard to control my urge to jump the fence, the ride operator and all those other spinning teacups on the OUTSIDE…






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44 Responses to If You Can’t Stand The Spinning, Stay Out Of The Teacup

  1. I would have done the same thing! My husband has the “they’re fine” attitude, it drives me nuts sometimes. I’d rather be a little embarrassed for stopping the ride than be mortified if the kids vomit everywhere. Yuck!

    • Aleacia- I agree….what’s with the men? I think they should be the ones to clean up the mess. haha!

      • ahhh, yes, I think we should all make them clean the vomit from now on. Maybe, that’s why my husband never believes me when I am certain my daughter is going to throw up in the car. He has never had to actually clean up vomit from a carseat. 😉

  2. We just re-did Disney and this time Trevy was tall enough to do Splash Mountain. Which if you’ve ever ridden it before is super duper high and there are NO seat belts! I’m sure some genius engineers could tell me all the reasons why you don’t actually need belts – I would then introduce them to Trevor. 🙂 I’m not a fan of heights. And I was convinced it would be h-e-double hockey sticks trying to get through that ride with Trevy staying IN the boat so when my hubby wanted to do it, I said, “fine. go. I’ll wait here.” And I was the one curled up in a fetal position thinking horrid thoughts until they all came drenched and stumbling out the exit to meet me! Which is my very scenic way of saying, I think I’d run and hide in your situation. 🙂


    • Danielle- For some reason, I envision Trevy as the one spinning the teacup out of control and laughing! hahaha!

  3. Most certainly, I would’ve jumped the fence or stopped the ride myself (and jettison a few riders in the process). Look at it this way, it’s better to be remembered larger than life – Lucille Ball made a career out of it.

    • Nami- I’m not sure how I would have stopped the ride myself. Maybe I’d have jumped into my son’s teacup to prop him up. haha!

  4. I totally would have jumped the fence and stopped the ride myself, too! I love your recollection of the events. So funny when we think we’re being all awesome and then everyone says not. I think they should give you a break! 🙂

  5. There is a Disney attraction where they pretend to take you on a spaceship and then land on another planet (a door opens to another side of the park with a spinning alien ride) and my son (age 3) was terrified, he kept saying things I didn’t understand and everyone wanted him to get over his fear by getting on the rides. I was dizzy just looking at them, I was on his side (loudly) while everyone else insisted he got on this ride.. but he never did, as it turned out his fear was that we would be stranded there on those machines and what he kept mumbling was: “let’s go back to Earth planet”.

    • Victoria, from your kid’s perspective, I would totally agree! Get me back to my planet!!! I am not a fan of forcing scary rides… Mostly because I am a carnival chicken. 🙂

  6. I’m with you! And my husband would totally do the opposite! Poor little guy! i really feel for him because I get SEVERE motion sickness on carnival rides, especially anything that goes round and round. Bleeech.

    • Me, too, Adrienne! We just went to another one- and I was happy to snap photos from the ground. No thanks. 🙂

  7. My husband gets hideously motion sick so I think he would be jumping up and down to stop that ride. If he was reading this post he would be absolutely on your side.

    I bet the operator would much rather stop the ride than clean up vomit too!!

    • Ali- I think you are right- He was pretty quick to react, thank goodness! Yay for your hubby! A sensible one, I think! 🙂

    • Crystal- Thanks! I know most moms would- and probably a few dads…it’s horrible to think of our kids feeling awful or scared!

  8. Sistow, sure did the blastest times! Poor baby. My husband and I both prone to having motion sickness, so we would do the same thing except maybe earlier. 🙂
    Your son is so brave and sweet.

    • sure did have the blastest times!, and make that, My husband and I are..
      *sigh* my fingers are too slow, can’t keep up with my thoughts. 🙂

      • Ava- no worries about typos. In this day and age of smartphones and auto-correct, I presume every typo is either intentional or the result of a computer that thinks it’s smarter than its operator. 🙂

    • Ava- we are on a road trip now- I had to take dramamine just for the car ride! haha! We’re motion sickness sisters!

    • Jane- thank you- It does make me feel better to know that even if I wasn’t as cool as I thought I was, that others would have been fence-jumping right with me. 🙂

  9. You saw a picture of calm, your husband saw a maniac, and what did your son see? Superhero Mommy coming to the rescue exactly when he needed her! Just brilliant. (Actually, you mentioned he as cross-eyed, so perhaps he saw two of you coming to his rescue!)

    • Ness- that is officially the world’s coolest comment. Thank you!!!!! And either my son saw two of me or saw none of me with his eyes going in opposite directions trying to focus. haha!

  10. Oh, I’m totally believing your husband, of course!

    I probably would have held you back as well and let the ride finish. It’s just another one of those kid learning experiences, right?? 🙂

    • Mike- You men. Torturing our poor sons for the sake of manhood. haha! Thanks for visiting…. 🙂

  11. Hi Tricia!
    My wife, whose name is– coincidently – Patricia, would react exactly like you did. I would have to say, not proudly, that it is most likely that I would have reacted like your husband. I may say as a disclaimer that our three years old boy is really a tough cookie.

    • Gustavo- It definitely seems to be a gender-thing! haha! Most of the men seem to agree with my hubby and my girlfriends agree with me! 🙂

  12. Your daughters response made me almost spit out my drink. Hilarious. Oh geez. This reminds me of a recent trip to a water park. R wanted to go on this ride with Kevin. It was a GIANT water half pipe thing. You get in a double float thing and someone pushes you over the edge and you zoom down and up the other side. It goes super fast and super high and it really looks like you just won’t stop at the top! I knew that it wasn’t a good idea, but had seen other little kids doing it and it turned out fine. So I didn’t want to tell my son he couldn’t do it because *I* was too scared. I literally had to sit down so I wouldn’t pass out when they were pushed over the side. And the difference in size in my husband and son made it so that my son went slightly airborne out of the float when my husband finally went over the edge too. Turns out.. I was right and it was too scary for him. I wanted to jump in there and get him but had no choice but to wait for them to come to a stop on their own. In fairness, I think it was FAR more traumatic for me. Even though I could tell he was scared out of his little mind.. when I scooped him up he just said .. “I think I need to be older to like that ride”. Husbands and their “oh they’re fine!” We know better.

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