Girls Like Transformers, Too

On one drive-way chalk-drawing day, our daughter drew this:

I was very impressed by her rendition of Batman.

But, then she informed me that it was not Batman.

This was her BROTHER.

Hmmm….I cannot imagine why…

You might have noticed we’re mega-super hero dresser-uppers over here…

But, what’s interesting to me is that it’s not just our 3 year old son who is into Super-Hero/ Star Wars/ Villain/ Robot dress-up.

Our 5 year old daughter surprised us recently with an intense “PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE” need for a Transformers Bumblebee costume.

Here, she told me to guess what she was.  Can YOU guess?

Well, she’s a CAR, of course!

But, in truth, our daughter has a bit of a fancy streak in her.  She doesn’t like me to pick her clothing out, anymore.  The bohemian, rustic, matte and denim colors I love just aren’t sparkly enough for her.  She can actually become pretty upset when I pull out a gray shirt that she just can’t stand because it’s so ugly and plain.

So, this Transformer get-up naturally followed- and it just cracks me up because it is just the perfect blend of tough yet pretty, rough yet accessorized, strong yet color-coordinated…



That headband and matching gray bow that bring out the chrome of the robotic gadgetry….

The blingy necklace that perfectly accents the ochre-colored metal reminiscent of the buzzing critter that gives Bumblebee his name….

And a golden bracelet that sparkles like the headlights of the vehicle he transforms into….

And,  wait!

Is that a lego car she’s holding?

A lego-car building transformer for a daughter?  That is just perfection in carbon form, I think.

Well, sorta.

Once we get her brother to stop stabbing random strangers with giant forks in Home Goods while he is pretending to be Aquaman ( dressed as Thor, the Super Hero du jour, of course), I can say that I’m 2 for 2 on the Carbon Perfection Generator Meter.


But, then again-  That’s pretty darn creative of that little boy, isn’t it?

Alright, Alright.  I’m officially 2 for 2! 






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19 Responses to Girls Like Transformers, Too

  1. I don’t have any superheroes, but I DO often have an overwhelming desire to stab people with giant forks when I’m shopping for housewares. Maybe I need a Bumblebee suit….

    • Desi- You and me both, my Canadian sister. haha! Sometimes, a good jab is all it takes to make one feel better. :)

    • Kristen- do you know what is hilarious? The dimensions were right on- Our son laid down and it was just his size- arm and leg length and all. It was almost like she had a mental vitruvian man in her head when she drew it- Genius. :) Alright- maybe a little lucky. :)

  2. I actually thought she was trying to be the car, seriously. And Bumblebee fits her perfectly. Our youngest, at 23, still LOVES Transformers, Batman, X-Men, etc. Now that I think about it, I still love those things too. :)

    Have you seen Dark Knight? It’s very good.

    • MJ- haha! Funny you knew right away! I had no idea. hahahaha! I think my son will love these things forever- although, people tell me it wears off and I think I’ll mourn that if it happens! I haven’t seen it yet- Maybe a date night is in my future!

  3. So, if I dress up a Bumble Bee jumpsuit with bling for cocktail hour, people will totally think I’m cool? That is my kind of fashion because my wardrobe could use some character.

    As for the giant fork – I have to get one of those! Poke my boys when they’re being bad and say, “Yep, you’re done.”

    • Nami- Oh- I can see you poking your kids with that giant fork in NYC. ha! And, I remember your Halloween post- You and your hubby have some cool costumes! Can’t fool me!

  4. My son loves his superhero outfits! Spiderman & Batman are his current faves… He also loves Static Shock, but we haven’t been able to find the outfit for that one, as it’s not so well known.

    • I haven’t heard of Static Shock! But, he sounds cool! :) I loved your post on raising your confident mixed race kids, Talullah!

  5. We’re not doing superheroes yet just because I think they haven’t been exposed to them for some reason. (Weird because we read a lot of books and watch a lot of television). Your daughter is precious in that photo!

    • Chrissy, Some kids don’t take to them, I think….and that is cool because every kid is so different. I had no idea what we were in store for the first time I tossed a 20 dollar 3t batman costume in our shopping cart. He wore that mask and cpe through the store and hasnt changed mush since. :)

  6. I super love the THOR costume! :) The Bumblebee costume is just about perfect for my leggings-obsessed 5 year old too! The giant fork was an unexpected twist! Hahaha!

    • That costume was only 15 dollars at Costco, Ava…serious score! My daughter can bling up any plain costume- even an already blingy robot car. :)

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