Need Some New Play Date Ideas?

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Here are some of C&C’s ideas for themed play dates worth trying!

Try A Group Nature Hike…

Our family recently went on a nature hike with two other families and it is something we plan to do on a larger scale soon with several other families.  There is nothing like getting out into nature where discoveries and beauty abound.

The children are delighted by the simplest sights:  a snake trail across a dirt path, a rocky crevice swarming with giant ants carrying morsels half the size of their bodies, hardened tree sap, seashells on a hilltop or driftwood near the river.

For so many of us busy-folk, these things lose their magic.  But, children can teach us to view them with wonder again.

And this photo was taken on a different nature excursion but it is too cute not to share.  Our 5 year old daughter found those snails at a random rest stop on a road trip.

That adorable little snail in her hand wasn’t even the size of a pencil eraser.  He was just teeny tiny.  We were all surprised to find that all of the shells were filled with these cuties!  So, grab some baggies and some magnifying glasses and take your play date into nature!

 And There is Always Origami (Of Course)…..

Here, we made simple origami suncatchers in the hotel room.  But, you can see how we made origami into a play date and party theme here:  The $50 Origami Party!

 And How About All That Make-Up You Need To Get Rid Of?  It’s Totally Great For An Art Play Date!

Did you miss the post on using old make-up to make art?  Did you miss my hubby’s mascara grim reaper?

I made a huge purge of make-up in my last de-cluttering phase and it is all now in a tackle box we keep in the kitchen.

The kids make some pretty neat art with it.  Here, you can see our daughter’s work-  It reminds me of a Dia De Los Muertos exhibit.

Imagine how fun it would be to line a floor with unrolled butcher block paper and to see what the kids can do with that old lipstick of yours?  What took you 10 years to throw away will be gone in 2 minutes, I promise.


And What About Those Puppets?

We recently figured out that the best and cheapest puppet storage that places puppets right at a pre-schooler’s height for rapid fire puppeteering is a shoe rack.  Since then, we have been doing some serious nighttime puppeteering.

Sometimes, the kids put on the show for us or their “audience”.

Yes.  That is a T-Rex wearing pink Minnie Mouse undies.  We don’t discriminate around here.  All animals (living, extinct, or inanimate) have an inalienable right to modesty.

If your Puppet Show Play Date lacks humans, please feel free to borrow our kids’ solution.  🙂


And You Can Always Keep It Simple With a Sweet Family Pretend Pizza Party Play Date…..

This might be the best play date of all.  It is the “unwind and bond as a family” play date.

Mom and Dad might exceed the tensile strength of those Little Tikes kid stools, and we may have to shift our weight from side to side to keep parts of our body from tingling and falling asleep- but it is worth it.

These are the play dates that might be the most memorable- the ones where we stopped doing what we think we need to do to focus on what we really need to do.




For more fantastic ideas from other Kid Bloggers, check out the links below!  If you have a play date post, please feel free to add it!

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8 Responses to Need Some New Play Date Ideas?

    • Any kind of cooking activity or decorating activity is an awesome play date! 🙂 Although, my DC sister tells me her last play date was at a winery where kids ran around the barrels…Sounds like a good one for you! 🙂

  1. I have an addition to your nature playdate. Take some plaster of paris in a baggie and a bottle of water. You can fill animal tracks! Just add the water to the baggie of plaster, squeeze, poke a hole, and squeeze it out into the track. If you place a stick in the wet plaster to make a hole, you end up with a track you can later paint at home and turn into a necklace!

    • Lisa- That is a really great idea! You know, youve given me an idea….we’re doing “How Are Fossils Made” for our daughter’s science fair project and we were going to go a different route, but we could totally go into nature to find actual tracks that are “Fossil-able” 🙂

  2. Believe it or not, Samu once found a tiny snail and we kept it in a cup for a day. He decided to take it to the park but the wind blew the cup away and a car rolled over it. Ever since that, yeah, we’re done with snails. Still love your used makeup idea.

    • Nami- That is so funny! My only other experience with snails is that our daughter loves to collect the tiniest shells in her pockets but never tells me- I find out when our dried laundry is crunchy and the lint filter is full of them. 🙂

  3. This is a great post and blog hop! I totally missed this – I haven’t been reading or commenting lately. Will share this one! We haven’t done much in the way of play dates until recently because it was always dealing with tantrums with the younger one while the older one was playing…so glad that’s over now.

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