4 Ways To Play With A Yoga Mat!

I haven’t written about kids and yoga since one of C&C’s all-time most popular posts ran last year around this time on Why My Daughter Was Kicked Out of Yoga.   Well, this isn’t a humor post like that one.  This one is less about the kids and more about the mat.

A little over a week ago, I posted a picture to the Critters And Crayons Facebook Page about a little morning game we were going to test out to see if we could coax some enthusiasm out of our children before the sun came up!  Our little morning surprise involved a yoga mat and some other fun materials-  and I realized that we’ve found a few uses for our yoga mat beyond the normally recommended exercises.  🙂


Yoga Mat Play Idea #1:    

Yoga Mat & Pilates Ball Bowling!


The night of that post, after the kids and I picked up the play area before bed, I had an idea as I looked at the rarely used bowling pins and even more rarely used yoga mats and weighted pilates balls in the corner.

So, after the kids were sleeping soundly, we laid out a couple of yoga mats and split the bowling pins between them.

The yoga mats looked like bowling alley lanes, and the smooth surfaces were perfect for setting the pins up easily for the kids.

The weighted pilates balls made the kids feel like it was more like a real bowling experience!

(To read a C&C post about real bowling with little kids ( and how to re-gain tactical advantage), you can check out the post that was featured in WordPress’ “Freshly Pressed”  last year:  How To Survive Bowling Day When You’re Outnumbered.)


C&C Freshly Pressed Feature


The reason I thought the morning pilates ball yoga mat bowling would be a good idea is because, sometimes, the mornings can be a little hard to get going……Does this look familiar to you?



And, our little plan worked!

Once the kids’ eyes were open, I said, “Go into the play room.  I think there is a surprise game waiting for you!”


The kids rolled the ball into the pins a few times before we started our normal routine.

But, we promised them to finish the games when they returned.

In the evening, my husband assumed duties as the pin-setter-upper at the end of the mat.



But, this time, the kids had their own ideas about how they were going to go bowling. And this brings me to……


Yoga Mat Play Idea #2:  

Monster Truck Yoga Mat Bowling!


And despite the size of those trucks, no husband was harmed in the making of this post.



But, there WERE a couple of very happy children.

Over the Summer, the kids surprised me by taking out the yoga mat for some unexpected Monster Truck Jamming on the Hotel Room Floor.


Yoga Mat Play Idea #3:

Yoga Mat Monster Truck Jam/ Demolition Derby!


They laid out the mat and dumped handfuls of unshelled peanuts on top of it.   Those Monster Trucks and children commandeering them had a good time.



Of course, I might have been more agreeable than usual because I knew I wouldn’t have to vacuum the floor each day of our stay, too.  🙂

And, then, a yoga mat is also good for another good kind of play…..

Yoga Mat Play Idea #4:    

Actually DO Yoga On The Yoga Mat

 Our kids do Kids Yoga as part of their pre-school curriculum.  But, we purchased an inexpensive Kid Yoga DVD that the kids enjoy watching and copying.  It is a fun thing to do as a family!







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16 Responses to 4 Ways To Play With A Yoga Mat!

    • Thanks, Ticia! The yoga would be the obvious choice! 🙂 But, it really is versatile- although, if I sweated on it more, I might be less inclined to use it for play. 🙂

  1. If we had a Pilates ball in our house, we surely would not have any windows. As for Yoga on Yoga mats, they never get out of Corpse position. Boys!

    • Nami- haha! I hadn’t thought about the danger of a pilates ball! But, I think you are right- Your husband is a real maniac. haha!

    • Cassie- Yes it is easy- The kids were just making do with what we had in the hotel room- and it was pretty cool to see. 🙂

  2. I’m actually writing a post about this later in the week. I have turned my old pilates mat into a cat scratching mat! The material is easy to cut with scissors so I made several squares cut to fit under the end tables next to the couch (so they stop scratching the couch) and other places throughout my apt. They love scratching at the material and it makes less of a mess than the cardboard scratching boxes.

    • Leslie- That is brilliant! Sadly, we had to find homes for our four beloved cats for severe cat allergies! BUT, we could have totally used your advice when we had them!

  3. We just used our yoga mat as an airplane runway. Great fun! I know my boys will love the monster truck bowling!

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