O, Hotel Tissue Paper Christmas Tree!

We’re away for The Holidays.

Seeing family is great and we’re in a place where the chilliness actually matches the stereotype for December weather.

But, we are in a hotel.   And, this meant that the room seemed a little sterile (well, in an aesthetic way, of course.)  A blue light might demonstrate otherwise, I know.  This is something I try to avoid remembering.  :)

The kids and I decided to do something about the lack of Christmassy-ness.

We took a quick trip to the Dollar Store where we spent hardly any money at all on cute stockings for each of us, tissue paper, wrapping paper, and ribbon.  I had considered spending the 12 dollars it would have cost for the emaciated, plastic, poorly made tree at a local Hobby Shop, but decided that for about 6 bucks, we could make our own unique tree together.

So, we did.

 (Ugly-Awkward Photo Watermark Disclaimer:  Please forgive the awkward watermarks across each of the images below.  Our hotel stay has also presented several technological challenges, and in this case, those pertain to our registered watermarking software.  After lengthy and repeated attempts to get the watermarks to show properly, I finally decided to just run this post, because it would be good to get it out BEFORE Christmas.)


We made a Tissue Paper Christmas Tree!

I thought a little while about how to do it with tissue paper and a wrapping paper roll.  And, I finally settled on trying to do it the same way that we used to make tissue paper flowers out of Kleenex as a kid in Korea.

The tutorial you can find Here  by Chatelaine.com can walk you through the most simple method of making tissue paper flowers that can be used for gift-wrapping, bouquets or decor.

(If you are looking for a tutorial on how to make fancy tissue paper flowers using pipe cleaners, check out The Outlaw Mom’s Tutorial Here!)

To Make This Tissue Paper Tree, You Need:

  • 1 Wrapping Paper Cardboard Tube
  • 50 Sheets of Green Tissue Paper (recommend Dollar Store/Dollar Tree for this)
  • Ribbon or Rubber Bands
  • 5-10 Sheets of Tissue Paper for “ornaments”
  • A Drinking Glass
  • A Few sheets of tissue paper (to stuff around tube in drinking glass to stabilize tree)

Total Time To Complete:

Enough Time to Watch Arthur Christmas And Jim Carrey’s The Grinch…..

I started with 50 sheets of Green tissue paper, which cost $5 from The Dollar Tree.

I cut the sheets into four equal squares to form 200 squares.

Each “leaf cluster” consisted of 6 green squares folded into a fan shape (see tutorial link above). 


Instead of securing the fan in the center as the tutorial shows to make a flower, only secure one end of the fan.  This gives the leaf cluster volume and length.

I used ribbon to secure the ends, but you can use rubber bands as well. 


 Make enough of the tissue leaf clusters to go around the tube completely.  It took 4 to 5 tissue clusters per layer for this project.

Secure the tissue clusters to the tube using tape reinforced by tied-off  ribbon or rubber band.

The wrapping paper tube is planted in a drinking glass and stays in place because paper has been stuffed around the tube to stabilize it in the glass.


Do the same for each layer.


 As you get closer to the top, secure the edge of each tissue paper fan closer to the middle in order to shorten the length of each leaf cluster.

Simply moving the rubber band or ribbon tie-off closer to center is much faster than measuring and cutting differently sized squares of tissue paper to work with!


 Once you complete the tree, create your ornaments using the colored/patterned tissue paper to make flowers you can tape or glue into the tree’s fluffed layers.




Our daughter is five and half and was able to help make her own mini-tree using a paper towel roll!

She and her little brother enjoyed decorating the little tree they helped make.




Once we finished the tree, hung the stockings and wrapped the presents, there was still one order of business to take care of….This is our door for all the transient passers-by on the second floor….




I’m not sure what our hotel mates think as they pass our door, but I like to imagine that they think that we are SUPER Cool And Merry!

In the end, I think that our little tree came out alright- The kids got a kick out of helping to craft it, and you CANNOT beat the price!

We are ready for Santa, Baby!





Oh, Again…Sorry about those watermarks….Humbug. 

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23 Responses to O, Hotel Tissue Paper Christmas Tree!

  1. Awesome! I love it! Our hotel Christmas we made gingerbread houses out of graham crackers and a tree out of marshmallow treats. Anything to make it merry right :) Have a fantastic Christmas!

    • Becky- I bet the gingerbread houses were great! My kids don’t like the taste of gingerbread…but maybe we could try doing the same thing with graham crackers? Thanks for the idea!

    • Thanks, Valerie! I’ve thought of your blog recently as we have done a lot of glittering in the hotel room. Housekeeping must just HATE us. :)

    • Veronica- We were pleased with how it came out- especially since I didn’t do any searches about how to do it before we started. It actually took me a few moments to figure out how to attack the project. At first, I tried with just green flowers but it made the tree very dense and skinny- So, I finally figured out that I needed to bunch the fans up at the bottom instead of the middle…simple math, right? :)

    • Yes, Victoria- The kids are very happy with the tree they helped to build. The watermarking issue bugs me because of the goofy “register to remove this watermark” disclaimer across each of my images. Ugh. BUT, it wouldn’t have made sense to run this after Christmas so I’m putting away my photo hang-ups. :)

  2. What an inventive idea – as I knew, you are supermom :-) The kids must love having a festive Christmas tree even though they can’t be home. Awesome idea! (Btw, my watermark software bunked out on me several months ago and I haven’t been able to get it to work).

    • Chrissy- Did you see I linked to your tissue paper flower post in this one? I haven’t tried doing any of these with pipe cleaners yet….I actually had to re-purchase watermarking software for 30 bucks to put on my sister’s computer, register it, and deal with slow uploads (her computer), only to find when I had time to craft a post that they all still had that crazy disclaimer across the center of all my photos. Bleh. Technology can be frustrating! And…I am TOTALLY NOT Super Mom. :) Although, our hotel room door might imply otherwise since I sign our card as “Super Family”. :)

    • oh, wow! I would lve to see it and share!!! Please email me at crittersandcrayons@gmail.com and I will share it and let you knw where you can see your work! Thank you so much for giving the craft a try….was the tutorial easy enough to follow? Any tips for readers that made your tree easier/better? Thanks, again!

  3. You make me want to stay at a hotel for Christmas now! That’s the best tree I’ve seen yet. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.

    • Bridget- Totally NOT Super Mom! We were hotel-room ridden anyway- we may as well have made something while we were so sickly. :) Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!!

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