The Creepiest Easter Bunny Ever

We waited in line playing “I-Spy” for 45 minutes to sit on the Easter Bunny’s lap at our local mall.

We opted to pay the $35 by choosing the cheapest package that gave us a CD.

They take your order BEFORE you get up to sit in his lap.

Smart Strategy.

Our photos were terrible.

So terrible, I won’t even post them here.

But, it could have been worse.

I felt for the hopeful parents whose daughters were in the prettiest pastel pink ruffled dresses, with meticulously twisted, pinned and braided hair, secured with specially matched fabric hair bows.

I felt for the parents because they not only stood in line for more than an hour to find out that their children were terrified of the bunny, but now they weren’t even going to get a good photo after all that ornamental work!

The little faces of their daughters were gruesomely contorted, tears were running down their faces, drool was now blending into all the shiny sequins on the front of those little Easter cardigans.

A little boy did the “wet noodle” and used the Easter Bunny’s face as leverage to kick off in an attempted somersault over his persistent father’s head.

One determined father attempted to preserve this mandatory family photo by restraining his 3 year old daughter in a strait jacket grip using his biceps to hold her still.  She took the photo screaming and looking in horror at the Easter Bunny to her right while her daddy smiled that cheesy smile.

I wonder if they paid the $35 I did.

Ah, well.  It’s a sort of right of passage, I suppose.

Take this photo for instance:

Creepy Easter Bunny

That’s my little sister more than a couple of decades ago.

And is that NOT the creepiest bunny you’ve ever seen?  I mean, really.


Really, Dad?!!!

But, then again.

I think, perhaps, my dad is pretty smart.

Ugly, Deranged Zombie Bunny or not.

I’m pretty sure he snapped this shot for free.

And, he didn’t stand in any lines.

And he didn’t force us to smile.

Although, it’s troublesome that my little sis was so willing to stand next to that thing.




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12 Responses to The Creepiest Easter Bunny Ever

  1. Oh my sweet Lord! I had no idea that pic was a family pic. That thing gave me nightmares!!! If your pic was as bad as that…wow.

    Happy Easter!

    • Tyuana! Hi! I hope you’re well, bloggy girlfriend! YES. That is my little sister…and I’m sure the guy in the suit did his very best to dress up….haha! Poor guy. Hope he’s not sensitive. :)

  2. haha! Love it! I also love we finally got adora to sit down with the bunny for a picture and then we went to the food court to eat and after passing the package we bought around … we accidentally threw it away on the tray! DOH!

    • Oh, No!!!!!! I would be so bummed about that! Man, Ang! We have no luck with Easter Bunny pics, do we? haha!

    • Bridget, ha! Yet, you don’t see ME in the photo, right? :) I’m thinking I’d have had second thoughts…at least, I hope I did. :) My kids definitely would not have gone for “Walking Dead” Easter Bunny. I KNOW that. :)

  3. That Easter bunny’s going to give me nightmares worse than Milton coming back from the dead. Then again, the holiday is about resurrection, is it not?

    • You Lie, Nami! I’ve seen your Halloween Photos! You guys are like Zombie-masters! I was figuring this would be your kind of bunny, actually! :) Well, this guy plus an electric guitar. :)

  4. Am reminded of Art Linkletter’s House Party and Bill Cosby hosting ‘Kids Say the Darnedest Things’ that what is missing is a show featuring ‘What Parents Do for Sake of Memories’. Memories churned out with the best of attention, only to become material for good nature ridiculing and eye rolling. Now with cameras mounted and WiFi ready mounted in every item we own, I suspect the threat of being captured will not stop a dad or mom from going the distance to create a ‘kodak-less’ moment. Actually it is pleasant and reassuring to see a parent(s) exhibiting that level of comfort of being a parent. Being comfortable and enjoying those ‘goofy’ moments.

    • Hudson- The bottom line is We, Parents, Need Those Easter Bunny Photos far more than our kids, do. :) It’s one of the benchmark criteria for successful parenting to have obligatory photos with the Easter Bunny. And, I agree…noting the imperfection of the moment and the possible humor that exists in it, is a great asset to any parent who can remember to do that. :)

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