Quilling With Kids…

In the coming weeks, you’ll get to see some step-by-step photos about how we’ve been “quilling” as a family.

Quilling is the art of paper filigree ( if you’re an adult that does it.)

And, it’s often called “Twirled Paper Art” (if you’re a kid.)

Or Vice Versa.

Or something like that.


Ever since we quilled Superman, we’ve been hooked on this interesting paper crafting art!

I Quilled Superman 1A friend of mine asked if we could make a large origami whale for her as decor for a party.   I tried to do  a large one, but was not happy with the Origami version.

 So, I decided to try quilling a whale, instead.

You’ll find details about how you can do one, too, in an upcoming post!

Quilling With Kids 4

Our daughter has been interested in learning how to do “Twirled Paper Art” for some time.

When the school announced an assignment to make any ocean animal out of anything, she chose to make a Clam With A Pearl.

You can see what she started with below.

Quilling With Kids 1

( You’ll get more info on how you can also try some of our Ocean-Life quilling projects with kids once I finish up the post about our recently completed Ultimate Make-Over Event where we spent two fun days with a fantastic winner! )

Quilled art, is by its very nature, abstract.   So, I thought it was interesting she wanted to use this method for her ocean art project.

Quilling With Kids 2

Quilling IS a good amount of work, for any adult or child.  That’s part of the allure of it, I think.

It FORCES fast-moving people to slow down.  Some people knit.  Some quilt.  We quill.  🙂

It’s much easier than you might think, and the kids will surprise you!

Our nearly 6-year old daughter TOTALLY did this herself.  Like, I said, the clam is a bit “abstract” but I think her work is just beautiful!  🙂

Quilling With Kids 3

As we expected, hardly any of her classmates or teachers recognized exactly what her ocean animal was (on the first guess).  

BUT….. she was completely happy with her work. 

She learned something new.

The kids and I did it together.

And, it’s pretty awesome whether anyone knows what it is or not.

And, that’s all that really matters.




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    • Thank you, Karin! I would love to hear how yours comes out! The part of the activity that DOES require the most supervision is the pinning of the shapes using stick pins in the corkboard. I will post on the safety aspect of that portion of the activity when I finish the tutorial- I recommend having a good magnet handy to do some sweeps across the floor and table to be sure none have dropped that little feet (or big feet) can step on! 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

    • That sounds like it would be fun, Mercedes! I think using the construction paper is a good idea, especially for smaller kids who might have trouble with such thin strips of paper- Thanks for that idea!

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