Dad’s “ALL IN” When He Plays With The Kids…

We are a pretty “ALL IN” family.  We believe in working hard, learning hard, loving hard and playing hard.

Still, I always find myself laughing when I see DAD to KID play interactions that I wouldn’t have thought to have myself.

My hubby definitely knows how to take himself

right down to the kids’ level

when it comes to play

and it’s something that I like LOVE to see.

The Man is ALL IN when he plays with the kids.

For instance, we recently had a dinner conundrum.

About a year ago, I figured out that, on days when there was nothing redeemable in my freezer or pantry, that I could make something super fast and make it fun.

I somehow justified that the levity we’d all experience in playing with our food, might possibly cancel out the general unhealthiness of what was on the plate.

It’s a sort of “Go Big Or Go Home” mentality.

So dinner, in such instances, can be very precisely-shaped dinosaur nuggets, pretzels that form logs, ranch sauce to form lakes and some veggies (at least there are veggies, right?) steamed in the bag in the microwave that I’m hoping is BPA-free….

You can see how we formed our Dino-Dinner Habitats in this post:




So….Fast Forward a year and a half.

There I was with a freezer full of exactly one pack of frozen-through sausages and pretty much nothing else that might actually resemble a good, healthy dinner-  even if my pantry and fridge were in one of those “Chopped” baskets on the Food Network….
It would be a Dino-Dinner Habitat Kind Of Night.

The difference is that on THIS  night,

dad was home for it.

And, we found something out.

Dad knows how play with his dinner, too-   And he likes to teach young kids what REAL dramatic play is all about.

So, on THIS Dino-Dinner Habitat night, we had dino-habitats and lots and lots of realism.
I should have known what was in store when my husband said,

“Hey!  Do we have any Ketchup?!??!?!”

My Hubby Setting The Stage....

My Hubby Setting The Stage….

And, now the torch of realistic dramatic food play with color-and-texture-appropriate props has been passed down to his children for them to pass these same important lessons down to their children one day….

Dino-Dinner Habitat Critters And Crayons 2


My hubby’s awesome.

Kind of reminds of when my hubby taught my kids his best clean “Knock Knock” Joke.

It’s all good.

We went grocery shopping the next day.

Unsuspecting dino-nuggets should be spared any carnage for a little while, anyway.

But, this experience is one of many that seems to demonstrate something I love to watch.

When dad plays with the kids, he’s ALL IN.

I could write a lot more about how Dads

can be ALL IN when playing with their kids,  

but I think, in this case,

pictures are far more descriptive….


When Dads Play With Kids

Dad’s ALL IN when doing art with googly eyes….

When Dads Play With Kids 2

Dad’s ALL IN when sledding…..

When Dads Go All In Playing With Kids

Even when doing art with old make-up, he’s “ALL IN”….YES. That IS a grim reaper drawn with mascara and eyeliner. ha!




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