Laundry & My Summer Outfit: Better Together

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I have a small confession to make.


I have never, ever, never-ever-in-my-entire-life-EVER used…


Fabric Softener.


It’s True.

I actually had no idea about how to even put it into the washing machine.

Do I add it after the wash cycle?

Where do I even put something like that?

It turned out that our machine actually had a handy little receptacle labeled, “Fabric Softener” and I could add it right at the same time as our detergent.

Well, that was a score!  (These Kelly Ripa-endorsed washing machines WERE worth what we paid for them, after all.)

fabric softener p+g post

Look At That! A Place For Fabric Softener Built Right In! WHO KNEW? :)

If you’ve read my blog before, you need but to run a search of “laundry” to find out that it’s not something I’m very good at staying on top of.

I can do a lot of stuff, and to a pretty high standard.  I mean…I do a lot of stuff-  like most moms.


Hmmm….  Let’s recap, Shall We?

You can see my laundry failure in…

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Critters And Crayons  Life And Parenting In Before And After Photos 14


So, knowing that laundry is not something that I normally get very excited about, and having never used fabric softener before in nearly four decades, I was looking forward to trying out the P&G products together which I had read were “BETTER TOGETHER“.




I tried the Tide ® Free & Gentle Detergent with Downy ® Ultra Silk Touch followed by the Bounce ® Free & Sensitive Dryer Sheets on a Summer outfit  of a simple cream-colored top and fitted jeans that I planned to wear on a family outing to the movie theater.

I was really happy with the outcome!

All of the clothes, and especially the towels and throws, that were washed in the loads of laundry I did using the P&G products did come out much more soft to the touch!

Here’s that outfit that was washed with all three.


P+G Post Summer Outfit


I actually SORTED my laundry this time, too (since I’m breaking with routine and going all out!)

No pink or gray top for this Momma-

I think all three products DID work “BETTER TOGETHER”.


P&G Summer Outfit Post 2


For anyone who is “Laundry-Challenged” (like me), anything that helps you look forward to doing it is a major plus.

I’m pretty happy about the results of this product review.

I not only know how to combine some effective products, but I also know where the fabric softener receptacle is in our washing machine.

This experience MAY be enough to convince me to start sorting our laundry regularly so the color “white” is not simply implied, anymore.

I mean….WHO KNEW????!!!!


I feel that I can definitely recommend P&G’s Tide ®, Downy ® and Bounce ® as “BETTER TOGETHER”.

And, I also recommend sorting your laundry.

You Are Welcome, Folks!


So, I’m wondering….Have You Tried Tide ®, Downy ® and Bounce ® Together?

And….How Do You Sort Your Laundry Loads?


This post is sponsored by P&G. With Tide ®, Downy ® and Bounce ®,

you can keep your summer fashions looking new up to 50% longer.*

Text CLEAN to TARGET (827438) for mobile coupons.

*vs. leading value detergent alone

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8 Responses to Laundry & My Summer Outfit: Better Together

  1. Seriously – I’m low budget. The price range for Tide, Downey or Bounce is out of reach for us. As for ALL THREE? That’s for the billion dollar mayor of our city! Ha, ha. Outfit looks great, though.

  2. Honestly, and I mean, honestly; I cannot fathom the astronomical amounts of laundry a family with young children must battle with on a weekly bases. With the two of us and one doggy Dogen Elivira, it seems we struggle to keep up with it and we have our share of DIY (my mistakes naturally) laundry fiascoes. So with families am surprised the clothes waiting/wanting/begging to be laundered don’t pile up on front yards.

    “Oh look clothes on the yard”, “oh there must be kids in there”, “oh the horrors, those poor poor parent(s).”

    Good to know there are products out there that do as they claim,

    I was reading the other night a machine manufacture was soon to come out with a machine that will even auto sort and load your clothes for you. ………..sorry, just kid’n but wouldn’t it be marvelous if that was the case.

    • Chrissy- Yep! I have to admit…I was surprised by how, well, soft the clothes were. hahahaha! Go figure. With a name like “fabric SOFTENER”, I’m not sure what I was thinking it might do… 🙂

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