Buying Only The Necessary On A Budget…Like THIS Thing.

We returned from our fantastic Summer vacation with a commitment to slash spending.

We are going to buy only the necessary on a budget.

We had a lot of fun visiting bays and beaches, ancient caverns and zoos, aquariums and aquatic parks, children’s museums and aviation museums, and alligator farms…and more alligator farms.


Did you miss that our son is now into crocodiles and alligators?




Trips like that are unique and memorable.

They are also expensive.


So, we’ve made a commitment to peel back the fat.


We’re actually going to cut off our television service to make the move to streaming media.

We’re cutting off Satellite Radio.

We’re going to become “satisficers” who buy exactly what’s needed when that need appears to be imminent.

No more stuff coming into the house without stuff going out of the house.



A NO JUNK policy is in effect.


We are committed.


But, we have one major need right  now.


A few months ago, one of the mounts of the toilet paper holder in the kids’ bathroom fell out of the wall.

We’ve been meaning to fix it.


alligator tp-1


We had a temporary solution-   We put a toilet paper roll on the tank behind them.


The problem is that the kids would reach behind them to get that toilet paper roll, and somehow find a way to drop the entire roll INTO the toilet.

Do not ask me how this happens.



So, I made an ESSENTIAL purchase to fix this recurring dilemma……

Toilet Paper Rolls.

Dropped Into Toilets.

Needing To Be Fished Out.

By Me.

No Question.

We needed THIS thing.

alligator tp-3



I am feeling good about our problem-solving skills and pragmatism.


I think we’ve got this new commitment to practical purchasing licked.





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23 Responses to Buying Only The Necessary On A Budget…Like THIS Thing.

  1. This was cute!! I anxiously anticipated what your solution to this problem would be because we have the same problem! I however don’t think we will be buying a crocodile or is it an alligator toilet paper holder!!

    • BargainBabe- My son has an odd list of names for his animals- I could do a post on just those- The crocodilian puppets, toys, plushies, blankets are named things like Captain Krunch, Junior, Lusassa, Meenie, Sheshy Sheenie, etc….apparently, the toilet paper holder gator is named “Namey”. But, I do like Rex, too. :)

  2. Cool!! Is it an alligator or a crocodile? Sounds like you had a great summer! Mine, too. (And expensive, too.)
    And guess what?! My Korea book has come out! It’s available through the publisher at:
    BUT, it’s cheaper on Amazon:

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