Family Night No-Carve Jack-O-Lantern Bar

We chose not to carve pumpkins this year….


But, We Totally Turned Family Night

Into A No-Carve Jack-O-Lantern Bar!


family night jackolantern bar-1-4


We rolled out that awesome roll of butcher paper in the kitchen to get our Family Night Jack-O-Lantern Bar ready for action!

Then, we put the pumpkins and craft materials along the paper so we each had a workspace.


I didn’t want to waste anything in our first aid kit, so I used a leftover white crepe paper party streamer and googly eyes to make a mummy pumpkin!


family night jackolantern bar-3

Mommy’s Mummy Pumpkin!


Our pre-school son used the gold and white paint that was set out, the sponge brushes and googly eyes to make his Scary Vampire Jack-O-Lantern!


family night jackolantern bar-2-5

Our Son’s Scary Vampire Jack-O-Lantern!


My husband used the shiny stickers and googly eyes to make a Man-O-Lantern with a goatee!


family night jackolantern bar-4

Dad’s Man-O-Lantern!


And our fashion-loving first grader blinged her squash out!


family night jackolantern bar-5

Our Daughter’s Jeweled-Up Pumpkin!


You can see how we did it here!


family night jackolantern bar-2-4

We’ve never done this before, but the Jack-O-Lantern Bar Family Night was a big hit!

We love how the whole family looks in squash form, with everyone’s personality looking right back at us on those pumpkin faces!


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!







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