Parenting Is Like Sledding. Sled Optional.

My kids often surprise us with the unspeakably comical things that they say.

They also make us pause when their questions require an honest and thoughtful answer.

We’re coming off of a holiday trip that bore some of the typical challenges of traveling during an already busy season.

Sometimes, reality didn’t match the idyllic scenes in a Hallmark Movie for the various tugs and pulls of life, and family, and obligations.

Essentially, it was a normal holiday season- one that many might relate to, and one that might lead a child to ask a simple, but very thought-provoking question of her parents like our six-year old daughter did tonight on the way back from a drugstore where we bought vitamins for immunity support to stave off any more festive seasonal illness-on-the-go.


“Mom?  Is It Easy Having Kids?”


I could have answered her quickly with a fleeting and dishonest, “YES! It’s Super Easy!”, but I’ve got a sort of rule about not lying about that kind of stuff. 

I don’t want to be the Army Recruiter who promises someone a job in a highly marketable computer field who then lands him in a basement working with dot matrix printers circa 1985.  That’s just bad Mommy PR.  So, I told her the truth.


“No.  Having Kids Is Not Easy.”


Our First Grader looked concerned so I elaborated,


“But….It IS Awesome!”


Our daughter was confused.


“How can something be hard and awesome at the same time, Mommy?”


I didn’t have any concrete examples to give in that second.


But, I told her that most things that are completely awesome

in our lives are usually not that easy.  



I may have blanked on examples but our daughter threw one out.  She said,


“You mean like if we’re sledding

and we have to walk all the way up

to the top of the hill in the freezing cold

so that we can sled down super fast

and have all that fun

spinning all the way down?”


I didn’t think I could put it any better myself so I told her that was pretty much exactly right.

Really, that is about the best metaphor I could think of that I didn’t think of at all.

Maybe, to complete the parallel, I could have added a few crash-and-burns at the bottom of the hill, some broken sleds, or a dud slope or two to round out the analogy, but I felt pretty good she now understood that something can be TOTALLY NOT EASY while still being simultaneously TOTALLY AWESOME.

That’s Us.

We Parents.


We’re all trudging up a slope,

looking for a safe route,

eyes on the peak,

moving forward when it hurts,

striving upward when we fall,

willing onward when we’re cold,

and getting to the end

as honestly and happily as we can

so that the long and arduous trip

might all be worth it

for one magnificent launch,

followed by a brief 

and validating

soar to the bottom,

on a cheap, round sled

that spins you like a top

until you crash,

or fall,

or coast to a stop,

Hoping For The Coast,

Always Hoping For The Coast,

so that we might trudge back up

to do it all over,



That’s Us.

That’s Parenting.

It’s Not Easy Having Kids.  But, It IS Freaking Awesome.


It’s Like That.




Parenting.  We Got This. From Critters And Crayons.


Trusting Clutches, Giant Smiles, And Closed Eyes


 Astride Quiet Screams And Immense Hopes


 That You Will Coast,


Coast Without Crashing,


 Still Smiling, Still Laughing,


Without Breaking Anything,


After That Fervent And Amazing Ride


Hoping You Didn’t Lose Your Sled On The Way…


But Even If You Had,


It Would Have Been Worth








So, to wrap it all up in a nice, pithy little phrase:


Parenting Is Like Sledding.  Sled Optional.

 It’s  Easy  AWESOME!

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14 Responses to Parenting Is Like Sledding. Sled Optional.

    • Thank you Just One Mommy! I can’t take credit for the metaphor- I was still trying to come up with an example when our daughter figured it out. haha! But, I am glad that she gets that it’s not easy, but still worth it- and that it’s still awesome. Thanks for coming by! Enjoy your blogging break! 🙂

  1. Oh this post is the best 🙂 I love that you mentioned parenting being “worth it”. I think those two little words ALL THE TIME when various child-related malfunctions are happening all around. It is so very hard, not the cuddles and cutesy stuff I quite imagined, but it is SO, SO worth it. P.S. WHY ARE KIDS SO SMART? I would’ve never in a million years thought of a sledding analogy, and yet, it’s perfect!

    • Tori- Thanks so much for reading it- It is totally worth it! 🙂 It’s been fun watching your escapades on The Ramblings- I never would have thought of sledding, either- but it’s a tough analogy to beat, I think- 🙂

  2. The greatest reward I can think of is to have our children ask to their heart’s content all the questions of life, ever confident that our answers will lead them triumphantly into the future. No fear of timing or tact impedes their inquiry when the lines of communication are kept so free of obstructions and insulated by love. Thanks for the reminder of the amazing parenting wonderland. Your kiddos are clearly having an awesome ride through childhood.

    • Elisa- I think your comment is just beautiful! If it were not for the things the kids ask and say,I fear I’d have nothing to actually blog about. haha! I think your kids are having a wonderful coast through childhood with such a supportive mom and role model in you! Tricia

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