Fortune Cookie Messages For Outnumbered Parents At Kite Festivals

These Are The Days We'll Remember...At The Laredo Kite Festival.  By Critters And Crayons.

At The Laredo Kite Festival


One of the festivals we absolutely love to attend each year in Laredo is the Kite Festival in March.

Today, we attended our fourth.

This means that we have attended since our children were in diapers, nursing, learning to crawl, learning to walk, learning to talk….all the way up to this year.

This year is the first year both children are past all of those milestones, but they can also both hold their own kites, fly their own kites, and be genuinely interested in holding and flying their own kites.  

They can do these things after getting just a little bit of help by Mom or Dad to catch the wind, of course.

I have to say, though, there is one truth that appears to be self-evident and inviolable.

If I had a fortune cookie message to foretell my future or offer sage advice about taking more than one child to any Kite Festival alone, it would read:


“Winds Favor The Wise Parent Who Is Not Outnumbered By Children Or Kites.”


Another possible fortune cookie message might bring a different perspective while delivering the same message:


“One Foolish Parent With Two Children At Kite Festival
 Will Be Entangled In The Strings Of Crashed Kites.”


Each year, we pile into the mini-van on a beautiful, but very hot day, with our newly selected kites.  We walk to the festival from our distant parking spots.  
We find a plot of land that is not completely marshy and that is not so packed with people that we might get one of our kites airborne.


But, the unspoken and unfair Law Of Wind Dynamics For Parents ALWAYS kicks in.


That law, in case you have not experienced it firsthand is:


“Your Child’s Kite Will Only Fly When Your Other Child’s Kite Crashes Into Some Unassuming Picnickers.”


And this Law is also supported by a couple of Theorums:


“The Vertical Height Of One Child’s Kite Is Directly Proportional To The Vertical Drop Of Your Other Child’s Kite.”


“If You Rescue One Child’s Kite By Gaining Wind Resistance By Running,

You Will Surely Run Through A Mudhole Where You Sink 3 Inches Before Kite Still Crashes Into Some Unassuming Picnickers.”


(Seriously, I cannot believe they didn’t move the first time.)


But, do you know what?


I’m certain we’ll be back, again, next year.


We may have muddy shoes and ankles, and some tangled kite string, and maybe even some occasionally frustrated children who haven’t completely grasped how to keep their kites in the air for longer than a few minutes, but, overall, we’re making some serious improvement.


Next year, we may be able to break that Law Of Wind Dynamics For Parents and its supporting Theorums.


Maybe, our Fortune Cookie Message, if we had a fortune cookie with a message about the Kite Festival, might read:


“Outnumbered Parent At Kite Festival Will See Two Kites In Air Simultaneously.”


or, maybe:


“You Will Not Trip On Tangled Kite Strings This Year.”


That would be cool.


But, maybe next year this fortune could really happen:


“You Will Remember To Wear Crappy Shoes To Places Where You Know You Will Run Through Mud.”


And, maybe, just maybe, some folks will get this fortune cookie message:


“Picnicker Who Moves After Kite Crashes Into Face Finishes Rest Of PB&J In Peace.”


But, I want to wish “Cheers” to all of the families out during the pretty Spring Days doing these kinds of activities.


There is humor in them, and sometimes, a little frustration.  
Yes.  Sometimes, you cave to the frustration after that Law Of Wind Dynamics For Parents kicks you in the teeth and ruins your shoes, again…when those imaginary fortune cookies foretold the future you should have predicted yourself.


For instance, I FINALLY cut the streamers completely off of one kite, and even sliced clean through the strings from the kite handle to regain the circulation to my legs after a near tourniquet had been formed by an errant kite with a very strong and determined child yanking on the other end.


I DID offer to pay the screaming child for the damage but she ran off to find her parents before I could give her any money.


(Um…..Really Sorry About That If It Belonged To Your Kid And You’re Reading This Now After Wondering Why Your Wailing Kid Brought Back A Kite Frame, But I Couldn’t Feel Anything Below My Ankle…..)


Seriously, though.


Days Like Today Are Never Boring. The Never-Boring Days Are The Real Memory-Makers.






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10 Responses to Fortune Cookie Messages For Outnumbered Parents At Kite Festivals

  1. Hilarious!!! Sad that we always miss it since it’s always during the Break & we take that time to travel… but I loved seeing all the families out picking out their kites last week & hearing your anecdotes 🙂 Refer to this article next year when you plan on going again…

  2. Aye, these winds of March, doth blow the spirit into spring. The best time of the year to be told, “oh, go fly a kite”. I might not wait till am told after reading this.

    Wow, good shtufffs. I’ll remember this for a very long time, well written, with the lightest of heart. This took me back forty-five plus years (ugh). In my little rural public school, the winds of March signified winter was over, this was celebrated by Kite Day. Every grade took part. Most of day was spent flying kites. Betting on what would not grace the sky. Laughing at unplanned air gymnastic-like aerial acrobatics. It was just for the fun of it. Just as it was for you and your family. For the younger is simply ‘awesome’, for the older it is escaping back to that inner child. There is a song by Bruce Cockburn, which I have sorta adopted as my own personal theme song, though I don’t always live up to standards inherent in the lyrics I try.

    • I forgot to mention, the photograph with caption -shweet as candy and goes beyond keepsake and heirloom. Perfect!

      • Hudson- This photo was actually taken at last year’s Kite Festival. I just love it- I’ll remember the kids on top of that hill, looking up with such wonder always…. Thank you for your kind comment!

    • Hudson Howl- That may be the most wonderful comment ever left on a blog. I had never heard that song by Bruce Cockburn before- I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for sharing it! Hearing your story and how you remember it brings happiness to anyone reading it. Thank you, Thank you-

  3. Our kite flying event is slated for April – thanks for putting me at ease with your adventure! Wayward picnickers, hogtied by kite strings and muddy shoes. Great. Just great.

    • Nami, It will be awesomely fun! I cannot wait to read your hilarious post on it! Seeing the kids actually get their own kites in the air and how happy it makes them ( even if it is for short periods before the kite falls), is worth any mud or apologies to picnickers.

  4. We loved that festival. We have yet to find something similar in our new home, but the principal at the school did tell the kids that if they had good attendance for the state testing, she’d have a kite day. Wow… 250 kids with kites (and no parents to help them). THAT will be worth seeing 🙂

    • Lisa! You must sneak on campus and video that kite day!!!! Zero in on the adults. Bahahaha! That would be an amazing video. Especially if all 250 kids get their kites up….that would be beautiful. Catching faculty racing between downed kites and cutting each other loose from wayward streamers and lines? Oh….video that, please. haha!

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