A Nature Explorer Bedroom For Kids!

A Nature Explorer Bedroom For Kids

For The Little Ones Who Love Nature & Adventure…


We recently moved into a new home and left our son’s bunk bed in Texas.

In the midst of packing and unpacking, we still haven’t had time to go out and find a new one, but after looking around, we figured out that we had everything we needed to give our son a room he’d love!

Our little boy wants to be Paleontologist, loves Indiana Jones, Dinosaurs, Crocodiles, and Nature, so it made sense to turn his room into a Nature Explorer-Adventurer’s Campsite using our family’s camping and outdoor gear.


A Nature Explorer Bedroom For Kids!

Our Nature Explorer’s Bedroom!






First, we set-up the 4-Person Tent in the middle of the room.  We laid down the area rug to help the mattress stay in place, to protect the tent floor, and to give our son something soft to walk around on inside his new bedroom tent.

Once we blew up the mattress and positioned it in the center of the tent, we put on our son’s bedding.

(Mom Confession! I was tempted to purchase new dino-themed bedding, but stopped myself.  The goal was to make use of what we had on hand to make this bedroom!)

Once the bed was set-up, we “sandbagged” the edges of the tent with rolled blankets and quilts to aid stability.  This actually was a help for Mom since I was running out of places to store the extra linen!

We placed a small bedside table next to the mattress with a T-rex nightlite, a flashlight, and his favorite animal stories.

His yellow lawn chair fit the theme perfectly so we positioned outside of the tent for reading, and for holding his safari vest and adventure hat.

We reserved a space in the room (not pictured) for him to display his favorite dinosaurs and crocodiles, and to store his habitat-building kit, books, and a small bin of kinetic sand.


This was a simple and inexpensive kid’s bedroom solution and our children absolutely love it!

The best thing about it is that we can keep the tent up as long as he still loves it, and then pack it away for family camping trips!





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10 Responses to A Nature Explorer Bedroom For Kids!

    • Pamela, Thanks for your comment! This was an accidental room, really meant to be temporary. But, now as we search for beds and furniture, our son really doesn’t want to change anything. haha! Maybe we’ll save a penny or two for a little while longer. 🙂 If you do put up a tent, the beauty is that it folds up into a nice little box for outdoor play anytime. 🙂

  1. Oh I want that too. Elvira would be on board. However the catch would be thy fair haired blued blued Princess, whom I share Castle HOwl with. She’d nex it a Sherwood forest second. Drats!.

    • Nami- He still loves it and it is about the least expensive option ever. We are still looking for a good bed, but we are no longer looking for a bunk bed. He wants a real bed that fits inside his tent. His sister says it needs to be big enough to fit her sleeping bag, too. haha! This would be great in NYC where you guys are! 🙂

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