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 LMT Antesala Feature Tricia Driscoll Critters And Crayons Knotty Origami
Antesala News Features On Critters And Crayons
LareDos November 2013


Regular Guest Speaker On Laredo’s 99.3 FM LCCG With Jay St. John & Sergio Mora
On Topics Involving Community And Social Media
Laredo 99.3 FM LCGG


Apartment Therapy DIY Arts & Crafts Supply Storage Feature Of Critters And Crayons


Barilla Picollini Italia Feature Of Critters And Crayons

Official Barilla Piccolini Italia Website Feature On Decorating A Girl’s Room With DIY Origami Butterflies!

Critters And Crayons Feature On Squidoo


Featured on iVillage.com 

ivillage.com feature of Critters And Crayons

Biggest Parenting Trends 2013

The Best Nursery and Kids’ Room Decor Trends for 2013:  Texture, Toys, Wallpaper + More!

27 Amazing (And Totally Doable) DIY Wall Art Projects For Kids’ Rooms!



Apartment Therapy Feature

Apartment Therapy Feature of Critters And Crayons

3D Wall Art for Kids



What To Expect 
Word of Mom Feature

What To Expect Word of Mom

How I Learned To Deal With My Toddler’s Night Terrors 



Buzzfeed DIY Feature on 30 April 2013

How To Throw The Most Awesome Super Hero Party Ever!





Featured On BlogHer 17 Feb 2012

Mom, You Need To Invite Dad To The Peace Table

Featured on BlogHer.com


Daily Buzz Moms Feature Author Friday 



Wordpress.com  Freshly Pressed

C&C Featured Post August 8th, 2011:

  How To Survive Bowling Day When You’re Outnumbered


Scary Mommy

  The Myth Of The Super Mom


Oh My Goff

My Korean Mother Says

  For Katie: The Angel With A Warrior Spirit


Que Fregados

CRAFTLESS Cow Costumes

  The Angel With A Warrior Spirit 

 New Laredo Mom Blog


Wake Up Laredo

You Must Read This, A Family In Need

  Rio Grande Kayak Trip:  I Saw The River As Our Forefathers Did


The Outlaw Mom

Guest Post: Curious Mom Questions About Kids’ Programming


Night of the Misfit Toys

Guest Post:  The Great Toy Battery Conspiracy


LareDos, News Journal
Of The Borderlands

About C&C, August 2011 Edition, pgs 25 & 62:

  Mommy Blogger Proves Laredo Has Plenty Of Family Activities


Versatile Blogger Award

  Awarded By:  The Valentine Four (twice- yay!)

Awarded By:  The Outlaw Mom Blog

Awarded By:  Dinosaurs And Octopuses

Awarded By:  Twinisms

Awarded By:  The Happy Logophile



Play Planner:  Fun Ideas For Every Day This Week


La-La’s Home Daycare

Crayon Leaf Imprinting Guest Post


 Kids Learning Through Play by Hands On: As We Grow

Featured Posts (Varied)


Imagine Toys

Indoor Playrooms For Kids:  Essentials


Moms Town Arts And Crafts

Top 10 Crafts Linked Up To MomsTown!


Elefante A Pois

I fantasmi di Halloween:  idee dal web


Let Kids Create

Monday Madness #7 featured the C&C post:

The Not Mother Of The Year Award:

Why My Kid Was Kicked Out of Yoga Today

Let Kids Create*******************

Rainy Day Mum

Cooking With Toddlers-Round Up

Featured the C&C Post on

How To Bake A Buttermilk Cardamom Cake With Kids!

Christmas Eve Ideas

Featured C&C Post on

Peppermint-Glitter Play Dough!


DailyBuzz Moms

Today’s Top 9- Children’s Toys, Vol. 1 (Nov 9, 2011)

Featuring Playing With Dinosaurs:  Boys Vs. Girls

DailyBuzz Moms Featured on Play Channel: Nov 9, 2011

The Spaces Where Children Play

Playing With Dinosaurs: Boys Vs. Girls

DailyBuzz Moms January 25, 2012 Top 9 Featuring

Spin Art & Surprises

Daily Buzz Moms Featured on Play Channel:  January 26-27, 2012

A Super Hero Birthday Party!


The Happy Logophile

Monday’s Top 5



Guest Post:  What My Kids Taught Me About Leading


Toddler Approved

Why  I Blog

C&C’s Indian Corn Rubbing Featured in the

Toddler Approved Best of November Round-Up!



Mommy Labs Blog

16 Ideas To Do With Leaves In Time For Thanksgiving


The Imagination Tree

10 Fabulous Homemade Advent Calendars


Liebster Blog Award

Awarded by:  The Valentine 4:  Living Each Day


Momstown Teach Blog

Best of Hannukah Roundup


Mommy’s Minions


The Happy Logophile

Kreative Versatile Blogger Squared Award


Before The Baby Wakes

Who’s That Blogger?


DailyBuzz Moms
Best of Play Featured 19 Dec 2011

Very Absorbent Christmas Crafts 


The Golden Gleam

Playful Parenting Tip #4 (On Play Spaces)


The Accidental Coochie Mama

Won’t You Please Show Them Some Like?


DailyBuzz Moms Top 9


Featured on March 28th, 2012

Raising Daughters

Featured on May 7, 2012

Life Before Kids. Life After Kids.

Featured on May 24, 2012

Critters And Crayons Guest Editor for Daily Buzz Moms Top 9:  Funny Parenting!


DailyBuzz Moms 9×9 Challenges

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Challenge (February 2012)

Party On! Challenge (May 2012)  (C&C WON!)



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