As a baby grows, you’ll find that your baby to attack food that you feed yourself or trying to eat. This usually happens when the baby is about seven months old, and it means that the baby is ready, is to have solid food. But most mothers are afraid to introduce solid foods to babies and are unsure what type of finger food to serve them. Finger food should be introduced to a baby when he / she is about 7-9 months old. You must ensure that the finger-food that you serve bite-sized and is easy to eat. Most babies develop their motor skills by picking up food with their fingers and put them in her mouth. So you should let them their own food from the plate or bowl to pick up.

Ideally, finger foods for babies should be small and bite-sized. The food that you serve as finger food for babies should be easy to handle, so that the baby is in a position is to pick it up. Avoid hot or spicy food babies, as this could irritate the stomach and interfere with their mouth. Try different varieties of baby food, the difference in taste, aroma and texture, so that the baby is introduced to new foods and not get bored with the same flavor to serve. Given below are some ideas about what a good finger food for babies.


The fruits are one of the safest baby finger foods. You can serve small pieces of sliced ​​bananas, apples, sliced, diced melon (very small cubes) and avocado slices. All these fruits have a sweet taste that babies if they are like you. You can also peach, plum and mango served as finger food for babies cut into cubes. Do not use all the grapes used as finger food for babies, as they could cause choking.


Some vegetables are excellent finger food for babies.

Cooked peas, which are a bit crushed with a fork and cool works as finger food. Small broccoli florets, steamed and cooked has carrot sticks and potato chips also work well. Avoid highly salted French fries, baby, like the high sodium content of the fries are not suitable to serve finger food for babies.

Cooked noodles

One of the best finger food for babies is cooked noodles. But with cooked pasta and noodles, it does not mean that the adult versions of it to serve smothered in pasta sauces. Pasta al dente, which has been cooked in boiling water and then cooled suitable for a baby. You can even serve cooked noodles, which were set up into bite-size pieces.

Cereals and breads

Crops that are low in sugar and lightly toasted, makes good finger food for babies. You can also try small pieces of soft bread, cut into small pieces as finger food is. Place small bite-sized pieces of toasted bagel or toasted bread on a tray and watch your baby to love this treat.


One of the best finger food for babies is cheese. Cut cheese like mozzarella or semi-soft cheddar into small pieces and place them on a table for the baby to eat. In order to introduce baby cheese, start with a mild cheese that does not have a sharp and distinctive flavor. Avoid soft cheeses such as Brie or blue cheese in this period.

You can also serve hard-boiled eggs, which was cut into small pieces or strips of pita bread on the baby. If the baby is avoided with finger food, fussing over him and not pushing it to him / her to feed if the baby does not grasp the situation, the food. However, it is advisable to keep an eye on him in case the baby suffocated when he / she is eating finger food.