Buzzed About DailyBuzz Moms This Month!

Please let me tell you about one of my favorite networks:  DailyBuzz Moms.

There’s this great network out there for moms and dads (bloggers or not) called DailyBuzz Moms (DBM).

Every day they feature a Top 9 around a chosen theme and they choose from bloggers in their network.  They also publish top posts from the network in the main categories of Nurture, Nest, Play, Eat, Style And Balance.

Those are central to all of us parents, right?

To give you an idea of each day’s changing and wonderful Top 9 Themes featuring bloggers in the DBM network, here are a couple of recent ones!

If you are looking for sponsored opportunities and a chance to try new products or make a little money, you can even join their Publisher Community!

And every month, the DBM network offers bloggers a chance to participate in something called the 9×9 Challenge!  Bloggers are given the theme and we submit our ideas for how we would translate that theme in a post!  Here’s an example of pretty one from last Thanksgiving on Table Decor!

When bloggers compete in the monthly 9×9 Challenge, DBM selects 9 bloggers to participate and all the posts are presented.  The winner receives some great benefits:

  • $100 Prize
  • An opportunity to serve as a DBM Guest Editor, AND
  • A feature on “Feature Author Friday” (where all 9 slots featured belong to your blog!)

Critters And Crayons submitted in April to participate in the April 9×9 Challenge:  Party On!   We had already been planning to host an “Origami Party” for our young daughter and the theme sounded like a lot of creative fun!

There were some beautiful posts featured in that 9×9!  We ended up winning this particular challenge, but we’ve also competed in others that were crazy fun and inspirational-

like the February 9×9:  Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

In that one, it was fun to watch a post go viral.


Not mine.

Itsy Bitsy Foodies made a Rainbow Cake With Natural Dyes.  

She won, of course- and deservedly so!  Look at that pretty thing!

You’ve probably seen it by now, right?

I know I’m not the only one receiving e-mails about having to try this ASAP!

Well, it got its start on the DailyBuzz Moms 9×9 Challenge!  That cake was just BRILLIANT and BEAUTIFUL.  🙂

And, today- I am over the moon to be featured in its “Feature Author Friday” today for having won the April 9×9 Challenge:  Party On!

Seriously, how lucky are we?  

And it was a huge amount of fun to have a chance to work with the editors at DailyBuzz Moms on a theme of my choice as a Guest Editor for yesterday’s Top 9 on Funny Parenting!

The point I’m trying to make here is that Daily Buzz Moms is a fab site to bookmark or subscribe to for us, parents and bloggers….There is so much inspiration and so many ideas to help us do what we all do.

It’s a happy, positive place to visit every morning!  Just look at the pics up there!

Thanks so much to DailyBuzz Moms for the great network and opportunities-

This has been tremendous fun.

And I know there is more to come.

Have you signed up yet?  


P.S. This is NOT a Sponsored Post.  This is just a post from a little blogger about a network I like.  I’m not getting anything in return and wasn’t asked to write this post.  Like anything I blog about, I do it because it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside and I just figure you guys wake up every morning caring about that.  No?  Well, you should still join up.

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