10 Tips For The Bi-Polar Cloud Dough Disorder (BPCDD) Sufferer

Here, you will find 10 Tips for the Bi-Polar Cloud Dough Disorder Sufferer.

This is a post about those Powdery White Bins of Sin and the love-hate relationship that mess-embracing moms, teachers and bloggers the world-over struggle with.

If you have BPCDD, don’t despair. More people have it than let on and there is help.

It is this post.

And you must read it.


Or you, your kids and your home will be greasy.

Very greasy.



Bi-Polar Cloud Dough Disorder.

Bloggers and Moms and Teachers all over the world have it.

Yes.  We. Do.

We love the white powder that moisturizes better than cocoa butter.

It’s other deceptively innocuous names:  Snow Dough, Homemade Moon Dough, The Permanently Moist Powder That Never Needs Covering?

It’s cheap.

It’s made of pronounceable things.

It proves that we are fearless people willing to clean up the seemingly un-cleanable.

While other moms are buying Color Wonder products for their fifth-graders, we’re literally diving in headfirst into a greasy, messy abyss.

We do it.  We photograph it.  We definitely blog it.

And, guess what.

We clean it up, too.

At least we try to do that.

And darn if that greasy stuff really CAN be un-cleanable.

We love this stuff, the stuff with an ironically angelic name.

It’s the dichotomy between shunning the mess-averse lifestyle and wishing that it was a substance that responded more favorably to heat, the passage of time, water or laundry detergent.

Made of just flour and baby oil, it acts like wet sand, but feels like supple velvet.

We loved it so much last year, that I ran a post about how we don’t just DO cloud dough, we do it in an oversized under-bed bin.


But, that wasn’t BIG enough.  So, we tripled it for our Super Hero Party and made Super Dough.  THREE underbed bins each full of 50 lbs of flour and about 10 lbs of baby oil each.  It was lain out on a tarp for a bunch of toddlers through kindergarteners to enjoy.  And, enjoy it, they DID.



My Best Blog Buddy, Chrissy, of The Outlaw Mom Blog, has been banned from making it ever again in her own home.  And, apparently, that is because she was unable to spray the solidified white masses off of their outside deck as promised.  We had the same experience over the Summer at my sister’s home.  The chalk drawing sprayed away nicely.  The overnight Cloud Dough clumps that morphed into super-glue?  Not so much.



You bet.


Irrationality Is A Major Symptom Of BPCDD.

I DID run a post immediately after my Super Hero Party post in full disclosure about the Humor In a Birthday Party and our 180 lbs of cloud dough was a major contributor to some great laughs.  This is the post where the AUTHENTIC images of cloud dough appeared:  Kids in black costumes, swimming in the heavenly-but-devilish stuff.  There were coagulating mounds strewn outside of the protective tarp which would eventually form solids that defy torrential rains, industrial lawn-mowing devices, and twice-daily sprinkler systems (to this very day) on the Homeowners Association-Regulated Playground Lawn.

You didn’t think I’d do this on my OWN lawn, did you?

Making Cloud Dough Other People’s Problem Is Also A Symptom of BPCDD.

Anyway-  here is the best example of BPCDD I can come up with.  Behold, the disparity between Cloud Dough representations between two posts I ran on the reprehensibly irresistible stuff last year.




As you can see, Bi-Polar Cloud Dough Disorder (BPCDD) can also be confused with another potentially tragic ailment:    Schizophrenic Blog Disorder (SBD).

 At the end of that Super Hero Party, a few of my friends’ kids were sad to leave those bins of cloud dough.

So, I gave some of them little baggies of it to take home.

Of course, my friend was super excited about it!

 She’s Portuguese.  I am pretty sure that she’s giving me the local symbol for “THANK YOU!!!!”

And with joy in my heart from having helped another mom with her cloud dough deficit, I exclaim, “YOU ARE WELCOME, MY DEAR FRIEND!”

It has been some time since I posted about the virtues of cloud dough.  So, I will disclose that the reason for this post on my own struggles with BPCDD stems from some recent notes and messages from friends and readers who were beginning their Cloud Dough journeys.

I received a Facebook Note like this:


And, so here is a rough list of tips for my friend and for you, forged through greasy-glued-together clothing and sheets:


If you are the desperate person in Tip # 10, I have nothing for you.

You should burn your home down and  dip your children in vats of vinegar.

But, seriously, once you re-locate and are ready to return to the Moldable Powder of Sin, here’s my last tip.  Go to the craft store and buy a scrapbook box.  It’s small and shallow, square and covered.

The amounts inside will be manageable and it will all fit nicely on a beach towel in your kitchen.

Even if it all gets dumped, your fight or flight instinct won’t launch your joints reflexively into the cowering fetal position.

So, don’t sweat your BPCDD.

Embrace it.

It happens to the best of us.

Now, who is up for a messy cloud dough play date?


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