Duck Tape Pumpkins!



Duck Tape Pumpkins Critters And Crayons-3


Making Duck Tape Pumpkins Is An Easy & Fun Fall Family Activity!


Duck Tape Pumpkins By Critters And Crayons-1


This activity was perfect for our kindergarten son.
He enjoyed applying and smoothing strips of tape in a color he chose to the outside of the pumpkin.


Duck Tape Pumpkins By Critters And Crayons


The children spotted pumpkin decorating kits of their favorite animals at the store.
They applied the foam pieces using bits of duck tape and the adhesives in the kits to the covered pumpkins (great for fine motor skills and little hands!)


Duck Tape By Pumpkins Critters And Crayons 4


Our 5-year old son was delighted with the T-Rex pumpkin that he created by himself!


Duck Tape By Pumpkins By Critters And Crayons


Our daughter chose to apply black glitter paint to the outside of the Duck Tape in places.


Easy Duck Tape Pumpkins By Critters And Crayons


This activity actually stretched over two nights for our family.


 The first night, the children selected their decorating items and applied the duck tape to the pumpkins.


On the second night, they finished them up.


Both children were simply thrilled with the results after doing so much of the work themselves!





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Indian Corn Rubbing!


Autumn Crafts & Treats!




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Indian Corn Rubbing!

Fall is such a great season.

There are so many inspirations and gorgeous colors to play with in family arts and craft activities.

We bought a pack of dried Indian Corn which has been sitting in a basket by the front door as decoration.  We found a use for a couple of ears to make a pretty cool paint project!

All you need is an ear or two of dried Indian Corn, a long plate with paint in it and some paper.

I imagine this would work fine with a normal ear of corn!  I like the idea of using dried Indian Corn because you wouldn’t eat it, anyway-  🙂

Just dip the ear in the paint…..

And Roll!

The kids enjoy having a large “brush” to swipe up lots of paint!  Our daughter even used the corn husk “bristles” on the end to paint with!  How creative is that?

The patterns that the corn kernels make are really very interesting!

This was a super-easy, inexpensive craft to do together!

If you like the idea of painting with unorthodox things, you should also check out one of my fave blogs where kids painted using tennis balls and gigantic paint brushes at The Outlaw Mom Blog!

If you try it, please let us know!  We’d love to add your photos to the C&C Facebook Fan Page album!

Happy Crafting!

Autumn Crafts & Treats Rock!

Well, Autumn is here and we are loving it!  I usually run “The Craftless Series” on my blog, but I must admit that a lot of practice has given me a real confidence boost.  Here are some of the crafts that the kids and I have had a lot of fun doing together.  We’re having such fun that we even have a standing craft weekly play date with a friend and her kids now!   Love the autumn colors, the cooler weather, the delicious flavors and beautiful images we can play with this season.

Getting Started

We keep some supplies on our kitchen table with some paper all the time for the kids to just dabble with when they feel like it.  We re-use glass jars and use one of those drink-carriers from a fast food drive-through (I KNOW!  Bad Mom!  haha!)  But, they come in super handy. When this one breaks, I’ll probably go order two diet cokes on the way to gymnastics just to get another one.  🙂

Stencil Painting

This is not really season-specific but I found these scrapbooking stencils I must have purchased about 6 years ago (before kids) when I actually scrapbooked.  Don’t tell me they are expensive. I don’t remember what they cost.  They are our newest painting stencils.

A Spooky Ghost

My creative friend invited us over to make these one day.  Styrofoam balls, mini christmas bulbs for eyes, some string and some cloth made cool ghosts to hang from the tree in our front yard!

Just cut the cloth lengthwise so that it can drape over the head, cinch some string around the head poke the eyeballs into the styrofoam through the cloth (may need to use a needle to prep) and suspend the ghost using the string!

Autumn Tree Art

Our real goal was to make an Autumn Bucket List Tree like the one in the Dinosaurs And Octopuses Blog, but I bought chenille pipe cleaners that didn’t offer enough support.  We improvised and decorated tagboard with trees and made patterns with the pretty foam leaf stickers we bought at Hobby Lobby 40% off!  The construction paper is blue because I ran out of white and the blue paper was 90% off.  🙂  Oh, well.  I think it’s pretty.  BTW, Dad made that one.  Pretty good, I think!

Chocolate Meringue Cookies

One thing we love is a light, airy cookie that melts in your mouth.  We found this recipe for chocolate meringue cookies on and loved it.  We didn’t have any chocolate chips on hand, but we did have one of those small cylinders of mini-M&Ms that fell out of a piñata that night.  I added 1/2 tsp of cinnamon to give them a Fall flavor.  My family loved them!

 Swirl Crayons (“Upcycled”)

This craft is not season-specific, although, it could be if we used only autumnal colors.  I found this genius idea on the very helpful Hands On: As We Grow Blog!  To see how to make them, check out her site here.

My kids were so excited about this!!!  My daughter thinks they look like bottle caps.  I never know what to do with all the itty bitty crayon pieces and I’ll admit that I’ve thrown them away or piled them into “give-away” bins.  Now, I’m hoping more get broken so we can make more of these cool bottle cap swirl crayons!

Apple-Stamped Pumpkins

We made these on a play date with our friends!  Totally got the idea from The NurtureStore’s Fall Play Planner!  You just poke forks into apple halves and stamp away!  To see the step-by-step, check out NurtureStore’s site here.

Stir Crazy Crunch

For Family Movie Night (Hello, Family Movie Night on the HUB channel every Saturday night- Tonight was the Muppet Treasure Island movie!),  we made a ridiculous amount of pop corn in our maker.  Our kids get a kick out of watching pop corn pop.  Funny, I remember loving that, too.  I found this recipe for “Stir Crazy Crunch” and it is delicious-  We used almonds instead of peanuts, though.

Well, that’s our crafty week in a nutshell!

We’re totally making these Frosty Leaf Ghosts from the Disney Family website this week at our craft play date!  Super simple and I think they’d be adorable on a streamer!

And we want to make these Snakes in Jelly from The Imagination Tree before Halloween!

Happy Crafting!  Hope It’s Good!  But, If It’s Not.  That’s Okay.  🙂