Indian Corn Rubbing!

Fall is such a great season.

There are so many inspirations and gorgeous colors to play with in family arts and craft activities.

We bought a pack of dried Indian Corn which has been sitting in a basket by the front door as decoration.  We found a use for a couple of ears to make a pretty cool paint project!

All you need is an ear or two of dried Indian Corn, a long plate with paint in it and some paper.

I imagine this would work fine with a normal ear of corn!  I like the idea of using dried Indian Corn because you wouldn’t eat it, anyway-  🙂

Just dip the ear in the paint…..

And Roll!

The kids enjoy having a large “brush” to swipe up lots of paint!  Our daughter even used the corn husk “bristles” on the end to paint with!  How creative is that?

The patterns that the corn kernels make are really very interesting!

This was a super-easy, inexpensive craft to do together!

If you like the idea of painting with unorthodox things, you should also check out one of my fave blogs where kids painted using tennis balls and gigantic paint brushes at The Outlaw Mom Blog!

If you try it, please let us know!  We’d love to add your photos to the C&C Facebook Fan Page album!

Happy Crafting!