If You Need A Great Photo Canvas Fast… {Sponsored Post}

Last week, I wrote about our experience at a local worldwide shipping warehouse, where a sweet nun laughed with me as my kids entertained all of the other package-waiters and only risked bodily injury once…I mean, I’m pretty sure it was only once.

The thing we were there to get was a canvas that had been shipped by a company called photo-canvas.com.

I was contacted to see if I might be interested in reviewing their product and services and after a very quick “Yes”, I was on my way to receiving something (in just a few days) that our family will cherish forever.

Having just returned from our vacation, there were many photos that I would have considered having blown up into a canvas.

But, when I came across this one, I knew.

I knew that this was the photo that is my son’s NOW.

On this particular photo day, our son wore his caped Batman pajamas, as he had over the last six months alternating between whichever Super Hero pajamas were clean.

As my kids and I headed from the mini-van to the gym, the normally crisp blue Virginia sky was a smoky swirl of grays and whiteness.

It  seemed to be an extension of the front of my little boy’s hyper-muscled Batman shirt which mirrored the same color pattern.

I was excited to catch this photo on the way to Spinning Class, but I was even more elated when my son let out a forceful roar at the clouds just as I clicked the button.

It was not a roar of anger or frustration, but it was one of spontaneous childhood joy.

And now, my son’s lively roar under that Batman-Gray sky is hanging on the wall of our play room where I smile every morning when we walk past it.

Our son is certainly  pleased about this pictorial homage to him, too.  🙂

An honest review of photo-canvas.com’s service and product is that the company provided a fantastic product with smooth and responsive customer service.

The ordering process was intuitive and quick.

Delivery happened as promised (within a few days of the order).

And, the final result took our breath away.

I’m glad that I tried out the service because now I am a new customer. I’ve liked their Facebook Page to keep up with deals and specials.  I have also bookmarked the photo-canvas.com website because I’m thinking some smaller canvases will make excellent Christmas gifts!

Here is closer look at that fine canvas which I walk past each morning now on my way to a caffeinated cup of salvation.  Coffee used to be the thing that brightened my dawns, but now it is the natural light shining on my son’s forever-preserved howling face and symboled chest.


This is a sponsored post.  In exchange for my honest review, I received compensation in product from photo-canvas.com in the form of one photo canvas.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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