Very Absorbent Christmas Crafts: Your Momma Didn’t Make These

Since I started blogging eight months ago, some pretty cool sponsored opportunities have floated the blog’s way.  I’m always thankful for them and I make a point to only accept opportunities to post about something in exchange for compensation or services if I believe in the product and would use the product myself or for my family.

Yesterday, I received a request to run a sponsored post that, although it might have been an excellent product, I just couldn’t bring myself to review.

I won’t name the product, but it’s a for a high-end sanitary napkin company.

They wanted me as a mom-blogger to review their product in exchange for free samples.  There were terms in the description like:  “absorbent, odor-reducing, yeast, virus, bacteria…” and they all led up to a raving review by a woman whose “flow” was described as “dynamic”.

I might have to put this on my “Sponsored Posts” Page.  Save for this post and the following disclaimer, I will never, ever on this blue and rocky planet for the rest of my natural life, describe the quantity or the quality of my flow- dynamic, static, or post-menopausally non-existent.  Please, no more solicitations to review expensive maxi-pads.

But, this did give me a thought.

I like to use things around the home for crafting.  So, I thought- What the Heck?

I’d offer to do the review for the company who contacted me within the scope of this blog’s humor and crafting themes.  But, somehow, I don’t think that’s the review they were hoping for.  So, I just used what I had and….check it out!

That pad in your purse is more than you think.  Every craft box should have a few this Christmas.

Start With These…..

Christmas Barbie has a comfy bed…….

A little glitter and some markers transform a basic maxi-pad into some puffy holiday bling…..

Your kid’s picture has instant snow under the Christmas tree…..

Or you can make a modular train track set!

But, perhaps, best of all-  your absorbent friend makes a freaking awesome Santa Clause.  And, guess what that little pom pom is made out of ?

As if that weren’t enough, my husband had a great idea that shows just how versatile our trusty maxi-pads are.   He made a……..Beer Koozie.

To the company that contacted me, I do hope you have a sense of humor.  I just can’t review your product the way you want me to.  But, if this is up your alley, I’ll be happy to take some of those free samples.   :)

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