You’re a busy family, trying to find a balance between work, home and supporting your kid’s development. Sometimes childcare outside of preschool hours is difficult to get or doesn’t meet your family’s needs as well as it could. Your child’s precious early years are the building blocks for their health, happiness, learning and development. The research shows that more than 85% of a child’s brain develops in their first five years.

Kids who have a caring, healthy and stimulating early childhood are more likely to do better at school and be more socially ‘smart’ later in life. As a community it is really important to invest in the early years.. For every $1 spent now, economists have calculated that it will save $4-$8 in the longer term.

– having worked with young children and families
– realizes that investing in the early years is essential to giving kids the best possible start in life.

They want to hear your ideas about how early childhood education and support for families could be improved, through an online community consultation. The online consultation is targeted at South Australian parents and carers of young children aged 0-8 years of age as well as people who provides services to this group.

The Government specifically wants to hear about: Before and after preschool care

– How do you manage before and after preschool care?
– How could longer sessions of preschool or access to childcare help you with work/life balance?

More services for disadvantaged children. Tell us how an expanded three-year-old preschool program could make a difference for those South Australian children who need it most? If your child has, or is currently, been participating in a three-year-old preschool program, what benefits have you seen?  Greater flexibility and choice for families .