Most of us would agree dairy foods, including milk, cheese and yogurt, taste delicious. But there’s more to dairy than meets the eye. Next time you reach for your favorite tub of Greek yogurt or slice of vintage cheddar cheese, you can rest easy knowing you’re actually doing yourself (and your family) some good. Whichever time you enjoy dairy most, here’s a list of reasons why you can feel great about it:


  • Milk, cheese and yogurt have a natural package of essential nutrients for a healthy kick-start to the day
  • Milk, cheese and yogurt contain protein, helping to keep hunger at bay throughout the morning
  • Milk, cheese and yogurt provide a low GI source of carbohydrate to help fuel you across the day
  • A breakfast of cereal with plenty of milk provides calcium, especially important for kids to help build strong bones and teeth
  • Dairy foods are perfect for the morning rush. Have a quick fruit smoothie made ready to go or grab a tub of yogurt.
  • Including milk, cheese or yogurt at the start of your day sets you up for meeting your dairy food group recommendations.


  • The protein in milk has been linked with better sleep
  • Dairy foods can disguise other foods kids don’t like. Grating cheese on vegies is a sure-fire way to make sure kids eat their greens!
  • A glass of milk after school gives kids energy and protein to tide them over until dinner time
  • Finishing a meal with a cheese platter not only tastes great but the nutrients in cheese (including calcium, phosphorus and the protein casein) have been shown to help protect teeth against decay
  • Swapping chocolate or cake at the end of the day for a yogurt with fruit gives a nutrient hit like no other. Plus, including dairy foods as part of a balanced diet is not linked with weight gain
  • Milk helps you rehydrate, refuel and repair after exercise – there’s no more natural way to give your body what it needs.
    The meals include occasional treats, plus plenty of fruit and vegetables and are aimed at busy families.