1: Breakfast

A Healthy BREAKFAST is very important for school going children as breakfast improves their concentration and performance in school.

2: Calcium

The Calcium Requairement is higher than adultsEnsure that your Child has at least 2-3 serving of milk products every Day.

3: Balanced Diet

A Balanced Diet, rich in proteins along with sports like swiming vollyball and martialart, can help children grow taller.

4: Heavy Weight

Any Heavy weight activity is not be suitable for young children as it may toughen their muscles and stunt growth.

5: Vegetables

offer vegetables and fruits more often than juice whole fruits and vegetables have more vitamins minerals and fibre.

6: Milk

Offer 2 cups of milk every day this will help kids meet theire vitamins D needs to help their bones grow strong.

7: Cleaning kids

Do not use ear buds to clean your child’s ear as you may damage the eardrum; use a wash cloth dipped in warm water to wipe the outside and behind them.

8: Brushing

Brushing theire teeth kids need to start brushing even before they start sprouting teeth.

9: Runny Nose

When your child has a runny nose pin a handkerchief on to his shirt or atuff some tissues into his pockets wipe his nose whenever necessary and wash his hand often.

10: If you Child Do Sucks

If your child do sucks his thumb or rubs his eyes habitually, genetly remove his thumbs or finger from the spot and distract him with his favourite toy or books.